Senior Pranks: Harmless fun or should students be punished?

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CLEARFIELD, Utah - The season of senior pranks is upon us.

This was the scene at Clearfield High School after a prank students said they thought was harmless but it has some seniors in hot water.

Officials said 12 students got into the school at about 2 a.m. and placed more than 1,000 Solo cups full of water in the halls.

There was no damage and the school said it was all cleaned up before classes started but the school still said it was going to suspend the pranksters.

But after agreeing to do some clean up work around the school, administrators allowed the students to get their diplomas and walk at graduation with their classmates.

What do you think? Was this just kids having some fun or should they have been punished with suspension?



    Seems like a harmless prank. Probably a lot tamer than some of the pranks the school administrators pulled when they were the same age.

  • Misc.Etc.

    I’m sure the school has an alarm system, motion detectors, cameras, and a bunch of other security features that alerted school administration or staff to their presence. If they didn’t do anything about it this morning at 2:00am, then they shouldn’t be so sensitive about it now.

  • bob

    The correct response. Make the kids clean it up, and move on. It’s “harmless” as long as the janitor doesn’t have to fix it.

  • Sandy

    How about having the school look into their security. Nobody should be able to get into a school in the middle of the night.

  • Ko

    Whats with this criminalization of children? There should be a level of forgiveness when dealing with teenagers and students in general.

  • A Cearfield High Schooler mom

    I think the administration needs to get a grip on reality. It’s a prank. As educators they need to look up prank in the dictionary. it was harmless, creative, not destructive. Maybe not the best choice to enter or “break in” in the middle of the night but you are going to leave a black mark on their records for ever for something harmless. There are a lot more serious issues going on in the school(s). Once again major incidents get a lot less punishment then then this simple prank. they went o the extreme.

  • marie

    empty cups would have been a harmless prank. cups full of water are a potential hazard. cup gets knocked over, water spills on the floor creating a slip hazard, someone slips and falls and is hurt to some varying degree, the pranksters and/or the school gets sued…….

  • Clearfield High Teacher

    Sadly when you hear these things through media, they don’t get the facts right. The students broke and entered in, which is illegal, even if it is into a school. They got by with still being able to walk and graduate which I would say is pretty lenient considering that the broke in and trespassed after hours and the janitors had to pick up after them. It doesn’t matter if it is just fun. Next year it could be 10 times worse and it needed to be put to a stop.

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