Mother dies after boyfriend allegedly hit her with car during argument

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SALT LAKE CITY - Officials said a mother has died after her boyfriend allegedly ran over her with his car during an argument last month.

Police said 24-year-old Audrianna Mains was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries May 21 after the incident at their home near 150 W. Mead Ave.

Authorities said they are now investigating the altercation as a homicide.

According to Salt Lake City Police, 29-year-old Anthony Vigil got into his car and ran over Mains during the argument and then ran.

He was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault, domestic violence and three counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child.


  • Damian Mains

    I really hope anyone with a comment not worth posting, refrains for posting it, if you have anything negative to say about this situation or my family I suggest you come meet with me personally so we can get the facts straight. I will be happy to give you my address and or my phone number if you feel that strongly about it. ….. Thanks

    • Karen

      Really? Guy kills girlfriend. What positive thing can there possibly be? Of course it’s all negative. It should be.

    • Cindi

      There can be NO, repeat NO, valid reason for a man to run over and kill the mother of his children, in front of the children no less. No matter how bad the relationship was, both had the choice to walk away and have now paid the ultimate price. Defend your relative all you want because you feel you must, but realize that most people are not going to make positive remarks on his behalf. Your remark only shows that anger issues run in the family.

    • Cindi

      My apologies for my earlier comment. I thought you were a family member defending the boyfriend. Still stand by my comment as far as content.

    • Trace

      Her boyfriend looked like he is a POS! Proved he was a POS. The poor child/ren. God bless them and may she rest in peace.

    • Mikee

      Out of all the comments on this page, yours is the only worthless comment that shouldn’t have been made.

      • Damian Mains

        Well it looks like we should talk about my comments and how worthless they are, if you would like to meet somewhere for a cup of coffee like I’d be happy to pick up the tab

      • Damian Mains

        I appreciate all the passion everyone has with your comments. ….as far as judgements. …. I’ll leave that to the higher power….. some of you that can’t respect the fact that someone’s family member is gone and all you have is hate in your heart and love to get on these forums and stir the pot, I’m sorry that you are like that….I would like to read more comments on well wishing’s for my family……I want justice for my niece as much as all of you but judging a womens decision 8yrs ago is ridiculous, unfortunately ppl change. …. please understand that this was not an everyday thing. …. this girl was one of the best mothers, friend and person’s I’ve ever met…. and again if you feel so strongly to contest that, my offer stands to come discuss this in person
        Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my family

  • brenda segura

    oh my god can not believe that this sweet girl passed away.she was my daughters best friend.i just wont to send my love and prayers to all the family.and the family involved in this sorry from the uckermans and seguras

  • Michelle

    My heart is breaking for everyone, especially her sweet babies. This story is so tragic. I’m so sorry for the family.

  • notyourtypicalliberalmoron

    Jesus, one look at this guy and you can see bad news written all over his face. Why would any woman go anywhere near this dirt bag? She looks like a very sweet person that made a really poor decision to even look at this guy.


    Vigil, who goes by the street name “Scarface”, has a rap sheet that includes a conviction of assault on a police officer, attempting to damage to jail, attempting to escape from custody and retail theft.

    Mothers have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their children complete with fathers who will set a good example their children can safetly follow.

    • Robert Burton

      i think you should consider a name like Richard or Peter cuz you make pretty judge mental and ignorant comments. And you just make all Bob’s look bad. I think Mr Mains made a reasonable request, I’m Rob, And my Heart goes out to all friends , family and anybody who was fortunate enough to have the opertunity to know Audrey. Let the memories of her life comfort everyone in her untimely passing. God Bless .

  • Desconocido

    Yeah lets just blame the woman for getting murdered. It’s all her fault, boys will be boys! We can’t blame them for hitting other people with their cars! Stupid woman, should have known not to get killed!


      No DESCONOCIDO, society blames Anthony Vigil for his behavior. When it comes to selecting good and decent mates most members of the animal kingdom, ducks as an example, seem to do a better job of it than a lot of women.

      Nice condescending rant DESCONOCIDO. My sympathies go to children who don’t live in family’s that don’t include their bio-dad.

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