Former teacher Brianne Altice writes letter about ‘the real me’ to judge ahead of sentencing for sex abuse

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Brianne Altice appears in court January 15. POOL Photo courtesy Leah Hogsten/The Salt Lake Tribune.

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – A former Davis County teacher who pleaded guilty to three counts of forcible sex abuse in connection with allegations she had sexual relations with students has written a letter to the judge in her case, saying she wants the judge to know more about “the real me” before sentencing.

Altice’s boyfriend has also written a letter to the judge, and in it he asks that she not serve further time behind bars.

Altice, 35, pleaded guilty earlier this month to three counts of forcible sex abuse, which are second-degree felonies. She faces sentences of 1-to-15 years in prison, and sentencing is scheduled for July 9 at 2:30 p.m. The letters to Judge Thomas Kay from Altice and her boyfriend were filed in court Friday, and the full documents are embedded at the bottom of this story.

In three handwritten pages, Altice says she is writing out of sincerity and not out of panic and because she wants the judge “to know a little bit about me, the real me, that in turn, I hope it helps you with this sentencing decision you have before you regarding me.”

Altice said she wants to take responsibility and feels “guilt and sorrow” and she said she thinks finding a solution is the best way to move forward. She said she has learned things about herself and her struggles and believes she can now have a “different mindset and create healthy motivation.”

She said the solution she wants to work toward is a cellphone and email technology bill that focuses on the venue of communication between teacher and student. She said that area is one where problems like hers can begin and then escalate.

“I’d like to be able to be an advocate, resource, and help the prevention of future situations such as this,” Altice writes, later adding, “I share this with you because I believe it shows the type of person I am and the how serious I am taking all of this. I do not want the precious time I’ve lost with my amazing children, my successful career, the time getting my life back on track, and this experience to be in vain. I want to, and can help!”

Altice acknowledges her teaching career is over, and says “ I will forever be sorry for my actions and the loss it has caused on all sides.” She said she wants good to come from this situation and states she is a “fighter and I’m worth the fight, and I will succeed.”

Altice states she made some bad choices over a short period of time and wants to show her children she can get up and learn from her mistake. She also asked the judge to consider incarceration in jail rather than prison.

“My family and I understand that the law and society expect a debt and retribution to be paid for the crime I pled guilty to. Some incarceration, probation and fine are likely. If more incarceration time is what you believe needs to happen, I ask that you PLEASE consider that it be further jail time not prison. This crime will not be repeated by me, that, I can guarantee.”

The woman said she will continue to seek one-on-one counseling, and she states in her letter she is harmless, not a threat and isn’t violent. She states she doesn’t use drugs or have a criminal history and says she has a home and job she would like to keep.

“I’d love to continue being the active mother I have always been and my children need. I see myself and my life in a new way. I know it doesn’t excuse what happened, but it can help mend it. I have not only the desire, but the capability of making a difference and positive change, which I fully intend to do once I walk out these doors. All I’m asking for is a chance Your Honor. You will not regret it.”

The letter from Altice’s boyfriend, Ed Porter IV, states he is a college graduate and working professional who has never been in trouble with the law, and he said he is writing on behalf of a woman he knows as a “loving mother, sister and daughter.”

Porter touts Altice’s academic and parental accomplishments and says she is a hard worker and employee who has not turned away from her faith but has used this as an opportunity “to grow and become stronger.”

The man states Altice’s family has also suffered during the judicial process, and he asked that she be allowed to be a mother who has the opportunity to attend her children’s activities.

He states: “Despite the accusations I believe she is neither a sexual predator nor a threat to the public as described by the prosecution. I do not believe she deserves prison or further jail time!”

The full text of both documents are below. Earlier this week, the Utah Attorney General’s Office asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by one of the alleged teen victims of Altice, saying the Davis School District is immune from the lawsuit. Click here for details on the status of the civil proceedings, and click here for FOX 13 News’ ongoing coverage of Altice and the allegations against her.

Brianne Altice Letter to Judge Thomas Kay

Letter From Ed Porter on Behalf of Brianne Altice


  • Craig Smith

    Didn’t she reoffend while out on bail? The judge probably has a pretty good idea what kind of person she was recently and what price she needs to pay in the short term. It’s pretty easy to change your outlook on life and reconsider your past actions while you’re locked up. It’s a different story once you’re free. I’m guessing the judge thinks she would benefit from a little more time in jail, just to make sure.

  • bob

    The “real you” thinks schools are dating services. The “real you” needs to be in prison.

  • Really

    The real you is a sexual predator who needs to be in prison! She is simply terrified of what is going to happen to her in prison because she abuses children!

  • come on

    This story sickens me, if this was a man he would have been locked up a long time ago. As for her not being a sexual predator is a huge joke, she is the exactly that, anyone who can view a child in a sexual way is a predator, I dont want her around my kids. I hope that the judicial system will view her for what she is and lock her up, this whole I want to help is she wants to abuse boys and then get a slap on the hand and in turn profit from becoming an advocate for this..come on. Lets get serious here, this child molester wants to now teach others…teach us what how you can abuse children three times and not go to jail,

  • Carol

    How can the boyfriend say that she is honest, has integrity, etc. when she has done this? How can she say she doesn’t have a criminal history? It is stupid to say these things after your actions have said different. Take responsibility and serve the time that the law says you should. We all make mistakes and we all have consequences.

  • Matt

    Seriously! You have got to be kidding all of us. You have committed serious sexual crimes and you want a ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ as if nothing ever happened. You even reoffended while out on bail. You have a serious problem and a few decades in prison will allow you ample time to think about your crimes. Just think about the world moving on without you as you watch sensible, law abiding people getting on with their lives. Two nice things about being in prison is that you won’t have to worry about the latest fashion trends and you won’t have access to young victims any longer.

  • Deanna

    She will get the prison time. They have the sexual crimes building and programming she needs. Up on 3 second degree sexual crimes, I know this judge will sentence her to the prison. She uses the excuse she needs to see her kids more, well the prison has visiting too!

  • Reba

    We can’t legislate morality or common sense or professionalism or communication. Unfortunately, there will surely come a bill from her suggestion.

  • Kelli

    Also disturbing is the fact that they hired her to teach English when she struggles with spelling. Sorry, had to be said.

    • Cheryl

      Although she seems remorseful, I was thinking about the victims and their families, whose children’s lives have been permanently affected, as well as simply cringing at the multiple misspellings from an English teacher. It bothers me that spelling bugs me when there’s a larger issue at stake, but it does me too, Kelli!

  • Nicole Biscoe

    Both letters are pathetic and I hope that the judge sees her for who she really is… a sexual predator! I cannot believe that the boyfriend things she isn’t a predator. She is just that and deserves to do the full time in prison. If she only did this once I might have a little more sympathy (not much mind you), but she reoffended while out on bail. Her letter was all about her too… what about the victims? She didn’t mention them at all. Her letter was so selfish… she deserves to rot in a prison cell!

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