Feminist student’s yearbook quote goes viral

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OAK HILLS, Calif. -- A California high school senior's yearbook quote has gone viral and struck a chord with people for different reasons.

When it comes to yearbook quotes, it is common to find Bible verses and movie quotes. However, Caitlyn Cannon wanted to talk about real issues that are affecting women today.

In the quote Cannon said,  "I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can't do that if my wife and I are making .75 cent for every dollar a man makes."

Cannon told the Huffington Post she was inspired by a Tumblr post but tweaked it to match her identity.

"I was tired of seeing the same old quotes from popular books and movies and authors, and I wanted to call attention to a problem that women face," she told the Huffington Post.

The quote has inspired a lot of feedback, but Cannon said the response has mostly been positive.


  • capsaicinone

    Oh please. This is why men, who are the vast majority of managers and executives, pay men more. Women like her. Someone needs to gibbs slap her upside the head. Repeatedly.


    In today’s world it is all about me, me, me, me. Long term happiness comes from turning one’s focus outward to others. The most lonely unhappy man I know has only one interest in life ….. himself.

    • CC

      Anotherbob would know! His world is completely about him, him him. Hates everyone, loves himself and his moronic opinion. Thinks other should share it.


        I have the good common sense to understand what Mother Nature intended, and am smart enough to know that if you are a woman and get married that person won’t be your “wife”. That makes about as much sense as a man marrying a husband. Get some kindergarten school child to explain it to you.

  • Alfred E. Neuman

    Caitlyn Cannon is typical of the mentality of California’s liberal left. She suffers from gender confusion disorder.

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