Tinder, Craigslist and ‘hook up’ apps blamed for recent wildfire of STDs

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Utah health officials as well as the Rhode Island’s Department of Health and a few other states say sexually transmitted diseases are way up in the state, in part because of the increase of hookup apps like Tinder.

Between 2013 and 2014, cases of syphilis grew by 79%. HIV infections were up 33% and gonorrhea cases increased by 30%.

STD cases for young adults are growing at a faster rate than the rest of the population.

Rhode Island says the recent uptick in STD cases follows a national trend.

The Rhode Island health department blamed “high-risk behaviors that have become more common in recent years,” including “using social media to arrange casual and often anonymous sexual encounters.”

A spokesman for Tinder did not respond to CNN after a request for comment.

Social media and online hookup apps have been blamed for a rise in STDs in the past.

A 2013 New York University study found that Craigslist was responsible for a 16% increase in HIV cases between 1999 and 2008 across 33 states.

Grinder, a hookup app for gay men, was associated with more than half of all syphilis cases in New Zealand in 2012, according to Christchurch Sexual Health Clinic.

“These new data underscore the importance of encouraging young people to begin talking to a doctor, nurse, or health educator about sexual health,” said Rosemary Reilly-Chammat, an HIV/AIDS sexuality specialist for the Rhode Island Department of Education, in a press release.



    Those who invite us to join with them in their exploration of the new sexual revolution fail to mention the joys and excitement associated with the STDs that are attached. They tend to make fun of those who believe in the old fashioned ideas of morality.

  • Falcon9

    The fact that these diseases can all be prevented by using a condom tells me that people obviously aren’t using them…

  • Tom

    Saying that STDs are cased by the use of apps is as dumb as saying that masturbation causes hair to grow on your palms. Seriously people, these “studies” are so innately biased toward a specific result that the can not be taken seriously.

    • miles (dave)

      these applications and websites dont cause stds they are a catalyst to the spread of the stds, if you dont think that having more “romantic relationships” with different people wont have a impact on the number of std cases you see then your confused. and when some of the sites options is strictly for “romantic relationships” the website and or applications do the asking for you so it makes sense to me that people are getting more chances to have “romantic relationships” with strangers so they are probably taking the option.

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