Mother and daughter seriously injured after colliding with Jeep in Utah County

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UTAH COUNTY, Utah - A mother and daughter are in the hospital after colliding with an SUV in Utah County Monday night.

The mother is seriously injured but is expected to recover.

Sadly, the prognosis is not as bright for her 16-year-old daughter, a high school sophomore.

Authorities were called to the crash at about 7 p.m. near Highland at 11800 North and Highland Blvd.

Officials said the two women, Christine Anderson and her daughter Maylee, were driving a rented Nissan Versa when they pulled in front of a Jeep.

Lone Peak Fire Battalion Chief Joe Mcrae  said the car was hit broadside by the northbound Jeep.

Mcrae said the driver, Maylee, was suffering  from heart failure when paramedics arrived but they were able to get her heart beating before she was airlifted to Utah Valley Medical Center.

The passenger, Christine, was airlifted to Intermountain Medical Center in serious condition.

The driver of the Jeep suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The family has set up a GoFundMe link to help cover the medical care costs.

The father and husband, Stewart, has set up a Facebook page where he is posting updates about the conditions of his wife and daughter.

11800 North and Highland Blvd. - Highland, Utah


  • machelle

    Don’t give up or lose hope! Whatever you do DON’T TURN OFF LIFE SUPPORT!! DOCTORS DO NOT KNOW RECOVERY!!!!!!! MY 6 MONTH OLD WAS ON 100 PERCENT OXYGEN, HIGH FREQUENCY VENTILATOR, SEDATED, OXYGEN LEVEL LOW IN HER BLOOD . THEN TOLD ME SHE WOULDN’T MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT , AND TO TAKE HER OFF LIFE SUPPORT, or her organs will blow up inside her and kill her, and if she did survive that she would be a vegetable the rest of her life. I am here to tell you that she made it through this is she is not a vegetable and she is very happy and alive today . My heart and love goes out to your family.

  • Patricia

    This is for Machelle , who posted that her infant recovered after being on 100% O2. That’s good for you, but don’t compare your infant to (an essentially) full grown adult. Very different, coupled with the fact that she has a severe head injury. I’m not saying she can’t recover, but just that these two patients and situations are quite dissimilar.

    • ang

      I dont think shes really trying to compare the two in that way shes just saying to not give up hope. She didnt and look at where shes at thats all she was trying to say

  • Anthony

    Mr. Anderson I hope you stay strong they need your love and support I couldn’t imagine how hard it must be but hopefully when your wife is stable she can be moved with your daughter,my family will say a prayer for your family tonight and for you to keep your faith and strength

  • Someone concerned

    Just so you know, the Jeep was illegally modified according to Utah’s vehicle laws.

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