Family makes freakish fungal find in Orem after torrential downpours

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OREM, Utah – After recent heavy rains, an Orem woman found this gigantic mushroom growing in her yard.

Fox 13 viewer Jill De La Rioux sent us these photos and said the fungal find measures about 16 inches in diameter.

We haven’t confirmed what type of mushroom appears to be taking over her yard.

Are you finding odd things in and around your home after the recent wet weather?

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  • Kymberly Ward

    If I could see underside and know the exact location and composition of soil…It is probably one of my edible favorites, But, “when in doubt, throw it out”, or bring to me!

    • Kimberly Rock

      Kymberly, have you heard the old European saying, “All mushrooms are edible; some, only once”? While I 100% agree that we can’t ID this without seeing the underside (and possibly taking a spore print), I’m love to know your best guess. From the top, it looks a lot like Plurotus; but, grows in the wrong substrate.

      • Jenn

        My sister had an oyster mushrooms growing in her back yard looked to be growing out of the lawn but was actually growing out of a stump that was cut down to the ground.


    would awesome if you would actually tell us what kind of mushroom this is. But, that would take some actual work!! Geeze !

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