Experts on idling and wasting gas, ‘Shut your damn car off, it doesn’t need to run’

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How long do you let your car idle before you shut it off?

The old rule was it would take more gas to start it than it would to idle for a minute but that rule has changed.

Fox 13's car guy Brian Champagne shows you a car that will keep you from wasting gas idling and what you can do if you don’t own it, in the video above.

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  • bob

    If you’re stuck with one of those, don’t despair! Check the internet. You can disable the system and choose for yourself when and if you want your car to stop running.

    You don’t need to suffer with your A/C shutting off every time you come to a red light, or the hesitation when the light turns green again, or the wear and tear on your expensive starter motor.

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