Congresswoman Mia Love meets with vets, residents in Herriman on Memorial Day

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Vet Uniform Herriman Memorial Day

Korean War veteran, 86-year-old Charles Topalian, who still fits in his uniform.

HERRIMAN, Utah - More than 100 Utahns gathered in Herriman to remember on Memorial Day.

A Korean War veteran, 86-year-old Charles Topalian, was one of them.

A Corporal who still fits into his uniform, he said he makes it a point to attend Memorial Day events every year.

Most attended the Memorial Day pancake breakfast at Herriman City Hall before the services, including Congresswoman Mia Love.

She was there flipping flapjacks and speaking with residents.

Love told Fox 13 events like this are one of the best parts of her job.

She said she enjoys being out among her constituents.


  • John

    well at least she is doing something productive. She should be great at flipping pancakes as she is a professional political flip flopper. Very nice Mia. Great work!


      Thank goodness she beat Doug Owens for that office. He’s the one who block the Legacy Highway and cost Utah taxpayers millions of dollars as a result of his obstructionist tactics. Mia is everything liberals hate ….. and that is why she won the election.

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