Concern arises after national anthem skipped at U of U baseball game

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Some University of Utah fans are crying foul after a decision last week to skip the national anthem before the game.

"I said, 'uh oh, something wrong here, you know.' They don't normally do the pitcher's warm ups before they play the national anthem," said Bill Cheney. Cheney served in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years and in the Army civil service for 20 more.

Now retired, Cheney now works at the Smith’s Ballpark.

"I'm not really that upset but I was really concerned that they would start a sports game without playing the national anthem," Cheney said.

The game was played on May 16, a rainy Saturday, against the University of Oregon. Weather forced a 45-minute delay.

Fearing the break in the rain could be short, the university decided to skip all pre-game announcements, including the anthem. When U of U uses the stadium, it's the university's responsibility to provide music, announcers, and to manage the game day schedule.

The university declined an opportunity to provide a statement about the decision, saying only that it was done in the interest of time.

"If two and a half minutes means that much then they should have started the two and half minutes early or something like that," Cheney said.


  • Waldo

    Seriously Fox13 this isn’t news. Someone gets butthurt because they don’t hear the National Anthem before a baseball game? Sounds like a contrived grievance to me. I respect veterans and what they have sacrificed but this isn’t about you specifically so stop making EVERYTHING about you. If you want to worship a song and a piece of cloth like a deity go ahead But don’t force the rest of society to do so. If you need to hear the anthem every moment or day of your life put on repeat on your iPod. The veteran quoted in the story was wrong it’s NOT about America, veterans, or him. It was about a baseball game and the weather.


      Families of Americans who gave their lives for the freedoms you enjoy don’t share your pathetic view of the American Flag or our bnational anthem. We don’t worship our anthem Waldo …. we show respect for it.

      • Michelle

        Amen AnotherBob! I’m with you! I’m thinking Waldo is from another country….which I feel he is more than welcome to return to if he doesn’t like our Anthem!

    • Steve Kusaba

      Its as if you live among an ancient tribe in the Amazon. These troglodytes can’t bare to be without their symbolism. As if dead people are watching to see if a song is being played. Teach someone something as a child and they will over rate it until they die.


        Many American soldiers have died defending our flag and protecting our liberties. Sadly there will always be those who didn’t have mothers that taught them respect for our flag and our anthem. Steve Kusaba is one of them.

      • Waldo

        You people act like it was intentional disrespect by the University which it wasn’t, and you also confuse respecting what the flag and anthem represent with respecting the object. Get over yourselves I am sure you will be able to hear anthem at any of the myriad sporting events that you attend throughout the year. I also suggest you play the anthem every freaking morning and night on speakers outside your home so the whole neighborhood knows just how patriotic you are.

      • bob

        Steve, you and Waldo are welcome to leave. No one is stopping you.

        I’ll buy the plane ticket to the destination of your choice, provided you renounce your citizenship. Deal?

    • Henry

      If you really truly do not understand why this is a big deal, you are in a sad state of mind. It is not just about the veterans, it is about being American. Veterans will always call this unpatriotic behavior out because no one understands protecting your freedom like they do. You need to check your reality. you need to wake up.

  • Henry

    So so wrong. The more I hear about the University of Utah, from changing the fight song, to U of U med students attacking their professors over their research, the more I fear claiming this school as my alma mater will be shamed.

  • miles (dave)

    i dont think id tie the u of u to a tree and beat them for not playing the anthem, however if they decided to never play it ever again then we would be having a different conversation. i bet they made the best choice they knew how to do, and right or wrong if they know how much this means to people id bet they will make a different choice next time.

    i dont think they were being anti patriotic, they had a tough call to make and they made a decision that upset a lot of people. from here the best they can do is remember it when they are in that situation again, as for me i need to be understanding.

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