Tooele police officer shoots, kills dog after being bitten

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TOOELE, Utah — A Tooele City police officer responding to a domestic disturbance shot and killed a dog after being bitten Friday morning.

At 10:15 a.m., the officer responded to the scene in the area of 205 E. Broadway Street. A neighbor who reported the dispute to dispatch said it sounded as if a male and female were “going to kill each other,” according to a press release from Tooele City police.

When the officer arrived on scene, he heard a female scream from the back of the residence.

“It is common procedure for more than one officer to respond to this type of call; however, fearing the circumstances were too urgent, the officer did not wait for backup and entered the backyard of the residence through an open gate where he observed a female on the back porch, still screaming,” the release states.

As the officer called out to the female, the release states, a large dog attacked the officer without warning and bit his hand.

The officer fired two rounds at the animal, killing the dog.

The officer was later treated and released from a local hospital for the bite.

It is unknown at this time what the domestic disturbance was about. No arrests have been made but charges are being referred to the county attorney’s office.

Police say a body camera was active during the incident. Footage will be released as soon as possible.


  • bob

    Good shoot.

    Shooting a dog in a back yard where an officer has no business being is wrong. But in this case, if the circumstances were as the officer has described, he did the right thing. The blame lies with the adult who chose to act like a toddler.

    • Nick Barone

      Except of course their version rarely ends up being the real one. It seems to me the police there have a habit of shooting dogs in their own backyards.

  • Steve Leonard

    Can’t blame the officer on this one. Too bad the dog died doing what it instinctually will do to protect it’s property or owners but if the officer was attacked you can’t fault him.

  • sheryl

    Lets see the bodycam and how bad was the one bite. He was still able to shoot the dog twice. I suppose it was like geist…he didn’t notice a dog barking in the backyard… What do the police do when people bite them..shoot them? Read the story in Iowa earlier this year when police called to house tried shooting the dog and shot and killed the woman instead and in front of her small child. Every hour a dog is shot and killed by police and not once have I heard of a cop being killed or seriously injured by a dog bite. Read about justice for arfie in Idaho where they shot a dog while it was inside a locked van with the windows cracked enough for air. Police said dog charged at them. Really? Freeze don’t shoot has many unfortunate stories like these. Postman and delivery people deal with these all the time and they don’t shoot dogs why are the police these days fear for their lives when they are confronted by a dog.

    • Stinky Pete

      I would like a citation on your statistic of a dog being shot and killed by police every hour.

      • bob

        You’ll be waiting a while. Liberal goofballs like Sheryl don’t live in the same universe they do. In their world, “facts” can be invented out of thin air. Saying a thing makes it a solid, tangible fact.

        Asking for documentation is just cognitive dissonance for them.

    • bob

      “How bad was the one bite”?

      Let me ask you something, Sheryl, and this is not a rhetorical question: How severe a dog bite is a police officer required to endure before he can defend himself?

      I want a detailed and specific answer. Along with the logic that justifies your answer. In other words, I want to know why someone is required to endure dog bites merely because of their chosen profession.


      Sheryl: Give it a rest honey. Police aren’t paid to let dogs bite them while they call headquarters for a ruling on whether to take action. If you decide to get into a drunken brawl with your boyfriend/girlfriend do yourself a favor and lock your dog up first.

      • Dawn Nielson

        I’m defending dogs not domestic violence! It’s not the dogs fault the husband was abusing the wife. He could pepper spray the dog they run away. Why is it the first response to kill the dog instead of diffuse the situation.

  • Dawn Nielson

    Why do police still shoot and kill dogs? Why are they not required to first try pepper spray or also carry a device that can keep the dog away! The dog is doing what is natural protecting HIS yard!!!! A dog bite is not going to kill them why then do they kill in response?!

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