March Against Monsanto in Salt Lake City a rally against use of GMOs in food

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SALT LAKE CITY – For the third year, the International March against Monsanto hit the stairs of the Utah State Capitol and protesters rallied against the use of genetically modified organisms in food.

Those who attended the march said they believe everyone has the right to know what is used in the food they eat. Salt Lake City protesters said they’re just a fraction of the larger, international movement.

“We’re a part of a global protest happening all across the planet today, spanning six continents, 54 countries, and 455 cities,” founder Tami Canal said. “And we’re basically uniting to speak out against Monsanto’s predatory business practices, unethical patents, the government corruption that we’re witnessing with things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership being slipped in under the noses of the American people.”

Some protesters said they’d like to see changes in food labeling to clearly define which products in the supermarket contain GMOs. For more information bout the movement, click here. 


  • Robyn Hemingway

    I am proud of everyone in Salt Lake no matter how big or small for having the courage to speak out in a society that likes to brush things under the rug. Good for you.

      • Trace

        They don’t care if you want to pollute yourself, they just want to know if these a-holes are putting it in our foods. Too much for you?


        Trace: 1 in every 9 people on this planet go to bed hungry at night. They’d beg for the food you throw away. Don’t trust the food you buy at the store Trace? Grow your own and quit sniveling like a simp.

      • Randy

        Trace, Thank you for your comments and making your thoughts known. It is comments like yours, and “Marches” like this that have prompted me to share my highly favorable experience with GMO production methods any chance I get.

      • Scott

        As if we need GMOs to feed the world. First off, multiple studies have shown that gmos do not increase yield, and second, this argument is laughable considering that globally about a third of its edible food a year is wasted (about $1 trillion dollars of food a year). GMOs are unnecessary to feed the world. There is a reason they (and other monsanto products) are illegal in many developed countries.
        Try again?

      • Randy


        Anything that stops pests increases yields, every Farmer and Gardner knows this. This is why farmers and gardners alike control weeds and damaging insects. My GMO crops yield better than non-GMO crops when these pests are controlled.

        I have personal experience raising GMO’s and they flat-out work.

  • Randy

    I’m a Utah farmer. GMO’s are better for the environment. My farm animals have been eating GMO’s for 20 years, and are more healthy than ever.
    Please say “No” to ignorance and learn the many benefits of GMO production methods.

  • bob

    Hippies would do well to learn a bit about genetics. EVERYTHING you eat (or smoke, for that matter) is genetically modified. Humans have been modifying plants and animals to our specifications for thousands of years.

    Your DOPE is a GMO, geniuses.

    • Scott

      Do not confuse genetic modification with artificial selection, its a very ignorant mistake. Never would, in nature, a human exchange genes into a rice stalk, or would a fish mate with corn. There is a huge difference. Educate yourself?

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