Man jailed after chasing girlfriend, causing crash was dragged about 50 feet by car

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SALT LAKE CITY – A man was booked into jail for multiple charges after he allegedly chased his girlfriend down at a high rate of speed and caused a crash before getting out and physically assaulting her, and as the woman attempted to drive away from the scene she ended up dragging the man approximately 50 feet.

According to information from the Salt Lake City Police Department, Myron D. Sandoval, 20, lives with his girlfriend and their 9-month-old child. After an unresolved argument, the woman left for work and Sandoval put the child in their second car and, “chased his girlfriend down at a high rate of speed.”

The pair reached the area of 1000 West California Ave., where Sandoval cut the woman off and executed a panic stop that caused the woman to crash into the back of the car Sandoval was driving with the infant inside.

According to police, “Sandoval then exited and accosted her; punching [through] the driver’s door window and attempting to open the door. When he was unable to open the car door, he grabbed her by the arm. She was in fear for her personal safety, accelerated away from the crash scene; dragging Sandoval along for some fifty (50) feet before he let go.”

The woman stopped to retrieve the baby and then went home to call police.

Sandoval was located at a health clinic where he was being treated for multiple injuries. He was arrested and booked into jail for criminal mischief domestic violence, child endangerment and reckless driving.

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