PETA names man from West Valley City ‘Sexiest Vegan Next Door’

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah --You've probably heard of People Magazine's “Sexiest Man” or “Sexiest Woman” alive lists, but what about the sexiest vegan?

The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently crowned two winners in the much narrower category, and one of them is from Utah.

That man is Victor Barragan, and he said the title of Sexiest Vegan Next Door is about more than just looks.

“There’s so many things that veganism can help with,” he said. “The world, it’s for the animals, it’s for the people, it’s for your health.”

Barragan is a fire performer and stars in his own online cooking videos, and now the West Valley City man is being honored by PETA after he beat out contestants from across the nation.

He said veganism hasn't always been a part of his life: “When I found out that animals became our food, I always questioned it: 'Why should we do that?' And that is eventually what helped me become a vegetarian."

One year after that decision, he became vegan and has lived the lifestyle for about four years now.

The 27 year old said it was a tough decision to make.

“You have this concept, especially with Mexicans, that if you don’t eat meat, you don’t enjoy your food, it’s like what else do you have left?" he said. "My dad always jokes around, like, 'All you eat is rabbit food—that’s the only option you got.' But actually, I enjoy all the same food that I enjoyed before... but it’s just vegan version.”

Barragan said there are benefits to eating vegan.

“A lot of people are under the misunderstanding that you need to eat an animal in order to build muscle, to be healthy, to run fast, things like that,” he said.”…I always tell them I didn’t use to be able to do these things until I went vegan.”

Barragan said the sexiest vegan contest is more than just looks.

“It actually has a lot to do with standing up for animals,” he said.

He spoke about his reasons for standing up for animals.

“A lot of times people aren't aware," he said. "They just see a plate of food in front of them and they don’t think, ‘Oh this was an animal that wanted to live with their family as much as anybody else does.’”

Now, Barragan plans to take his new title further by creating a cookbook and continuing to promote veganism.

“There are many different ways of advocating for veganism,” he said. “Some ways work for some people, some other ways don’t work for people. I think any way of raising awareness is good.”


  • Nicole Hellstrom

    Great story! Glad to see alternative lifestyles are becoming more mainstream and there are amazing people out there, guys with good looks and a great heart, I hope people open up their minds just a little and listen to his message.

    • Kass

      I hope you realize that you are classified as an animal, and your comment displays ignorance at its finest.


        You can consider yourself and animal KASS, but the truth of the matter is that your a human. One of the things that separate us from the apes KASS is that we can solve calculus problems and send a man into space …. and apes can’t.

      • Richard Ian Tracy

        ANOTHERBOB … humans are animals … that is just science … and it’s not a question of whether or not apes & other animals can do calculus. They *can* suffer and humans make them suffer needlessly — and vegans know that is wrong. We make better choices. You can, too! You have options. Kindness & compassion are nothing to be ashamed of!


        RICHARD IAN TRACY – You many consider yourself an animal but the rest of us consider ourselves humans. It takes very little obseration to note the difference.

  • Koraljka Polaček

    Way to go Victor! If only people would think about animals on the plate in the same way they think about their pets.. they wouldn’t eat them. Because all animals feel, they fear, they love.. just like our pets do. We all have the choice. Bravo!

  • supramantt

    So proud of you brother! You are awesome and an inspiration!!! Keep up the amazing work! :)

  • leahB

    Honored by a terrorist group who does absolutely nothing for animals? I think I’d give that award back.

  • Lucy

    Great job Victor! We’re all so proud of you and you definitely deserved to win. Thank you so much for standing up for our animal friends! :)


    Some women are sexy. Some women think they have to take their clothes off to be sexy. Now men, on the other hand, may be masculine and/or good looking, but no, men aren’t sexy ….. with or without their clothes on.

  • The Yakima Kid

    I would be far more supportive if they didn’t equate a rat to boy and suggest the use of the handicapped and convicts in place of research animals. I would also be much more respectful if some of he supporters hadn’t taken time to terrorize scientist and attempt to invade their homes, or disrupted – and led to the shutdown of the sole US facility producing Bubonic plague immunizations

  • spencer

    Ha ha I know this guy he’s not a real vegan he has a motorcycle with a real leather seat and his car seats are leather bahahaaa


        If you chose to identify yourself as vegan Richard then you should be expected to walk the walk and talk the talk. Are all vegans as good at coming up with excuses as you are?

    • Richard Ian Tracy

      I don’t wear any animal skin or fur myself — but I understand it can be sensible to not waste what you already own. How would that help any animal? What you’re talking about is PR and appearances — not saving animals’ lives once going vegan. You cannot change the past — but you can make better choices now and in the future.


        RICHARD IAN TRACY – How would buying a belt from the carcass of a cow that was slaughtered for it’s meat hurt that animal? Waste not – want not.

    • Richard Ian Tracy

      ANOTHERBOB — Well, now you’re talking in circles. You can’t have it both ways. And leather is its own billion-dollar industry — it’s not some responsibly recycled waste product.

    • Richard Ian Tracy

      Veganism isn’t just about food — it’s about ethics, kindness, compassion and consistency. I don’t need animal flesh, chickens’ eggs or [the nutritional ridiculousness that is] dairy to be healthy & thrive, so why participate in the over-bred-to-die slaughter system? I don’t need to. I don’t need it. So I make a better choice.

      Kindness & compassion is nothing to be ashamed of — but keep trying, I suppose. The world is mostly on your side, it seems — but is that the world you want?


        I used to have some sympathy for vegans before they began raiding mink farms where they would release the mink. Most of the mink died as a result. Compassion? Not from the mink’s point of view.

      • Richard Ian Tracy

        You certainly won’t find compassion on any “fur farm”! You cannot be that naive. A day of freedom is better than a lifetime in misery followed by electrocution. And, yes, I’ve been there and seen mink “fur farms”. [My previous comment did not post due to describing the *type* of electrocution — that says it all, I suppose.]


        RICHARD IAN TRACY – The mink in a mink farm don’t know the terror of being eaten by a wolverine, are fed and cared for, and reproduce. The mink released by criminal know terror and fear as they are run over by cars or die slowly from starvation. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    • Richard Ian Tracy

      ANOTHERBOB — Well then, you should go live in a cage on a mink farm! Spend your whole life in an overcrowded wire cage and then end your days by being suddenly & unceremoniously “rear-entry” electrocuted. SOME LIFE. Go on then. Walk the walk you’re talking. Shush! Go on now.


        Since you say we’re all animals Richard then I guess it must be OK if most of us are carnivores.

    • Fire Ninja

      Lol. Spencer you sure are dedicating a lot of time to trying to defame me. I appreciate the efforts but I’ve won this contest, taking a free trip to hawaii, starting my own business as a result of winning and promoting veganism with or without the comments. Have fun swallowing those facts down you throat.


    RICHARD IAN TRACY says we’re all animals. Well OK Richard, I got dibs on being a carnivore.

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