Startling statistics revealed in Women’s Lung Health Week

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SALT LAKE CITY --  May 10-16 is National Women's Lung Health Week and the American Lung Association is raising awareness to help in the fight against lung cancer.

"Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in women. You can add up breast cancer, ovarian cancer, every other cancer there is and it does not come close to killing as many women as lung cancer does," said Jennifer Jordan of the American Lung Association's Utah Chapter.

According to Jordan, 83 percent of women who have lung cancer have never smoked.

"The stigma attached to lung cancer with women and men is that 'Oh, you had to have smoked' and that's not true," Jordan said. "We have women and volunteers and friends that are avid skiers, runners, hikers, bikers that have never smoked, that have taken very good care of themselves and now they're battling stage 3, stage 4 lung cancer."

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  • K Latzka (@LungCancerHawai)

    Important error in your article that needs correction… 83% of women with lung cancer are NON-smokers, which include never-smokers and former-smokers, many of whom quit smoking a decade or more prior to their diagnosis.

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