Man on phone killed after stepping in front of TRAX train

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WEST JORDAN, Utah – Authorities are investigating after a person was hit and killed by a TRAX train overnight.

Police said the TRAX driver reported hitting a person near 8600 S. and 3200 W. at about 10 p.m.

Officers said it appears the 23-year-old man was walking down the sidewalk on 3200 W. and was on his phone when he stepped out in front of the train.

Authorities have not released the victim’s name at this time.

Officials said they believe the rail signals were working at the time of the accident.

8600 S. 3200 W. - West Jordan



    And yet people still continue to text while driving. Walking in front of an oncoming train seems somewhat counter productive.

      • Hunter

        Terra white, people are going on what’s being reported, why would someone committing “suicide” be talking on the phone?

      • Paige shults

        well I am his wife and it do not believe that it is suicide please I would appreciate if people would not talk unless they know what they are saying out of respect for my family

      • Stranger

        You’d think after losing a family member, the last thing on a person’s mind less than 24 hours later would be to hop on the internet to read articles about it.

  • ashly

    He wasnt just the type to not notice these kind of things if the light and everything were working he wouldn’t have just kept walking.

  • Stranger

    The world lost a great soul. I agree that he intended to leave the earth last night as members of his family have the text messages..


    Why would TERRA WHITE want to trash talk a man who was just killed by a train? Could it possibly be that she is looking for her 5 seconds of fame?

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