Man creates car wash that only uses one cup of water to help drought

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Don’t think you can wash your car in a drought? Think again.

A car wash in California has found a way to clean vehicles using just one cup of water.

Anton VanHappen started Eco Clean Auto Care about two years ago using a spray solution with what he says are all-natural ingredients.

He is keeping the formula a secret but explained how it works.

“When you spray the formula on the car, it breaks the dirt particles away from the paint on the car,” VanHappen said. “So with a micro-fiber towel you are lifting off loose dirt.”

He said you then dry the car with another towel and he claims the process works better than water.

“When you leave a car wash and roll your windows down and then back up, they’re all wet and streaky,” VanHappen said, “You don’t have that problem here.”

It will cost about $25 to clean the exterior of most cars and $35 if you include the interior.

VanHappen has not said if he plans to roll out his car washes to other states.

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