Utah boy who was bullied wants others to know ‘you are beautiful’

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PARK CITY, Utah – If you’ve been in Summit County recently, you may have seen a kid holding a sign on the side of the road.

It reads: “Smile you are beautiful.”

So who is he and why is he holding that sign?

His name is Robby Borders and he tells Fox 13 he used to be bullied so he decided to try to make a difference in other people’s lives.

The picture above was captured by photographer Rocky Maloney.

He posted the picture to Facebook where many people began saying what a delight it was to see Borders holding the sign.



Within a couple of hours the picture had hundreds of likes, shares, and comments.


  • Susy Hudak

    If more kids would build each other up instead of working to tear each other down, what a different junior high and high school experience they could ALL have! I know Robbie personally, he’s a giver and a true servant and he is amazing!!

  • KB

    He has a been working at a job since he was 15. He’s a wonderful inspiration to all of us that life is meant to be cherished!

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