Planned military training “Jade Helm 15” ignites firestorm in Utah

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Is Utah hostile territory? A military exercise that's breeding wild conspiracy theories is coming to our state.

Fox 13 spoke to the Utah National Guard about the rumors some are calling unconstitutional.

Two words, "Jade Helm," are causing panic across seven states including Utah.

Jade Helm 15 is a two-month special operations training exercise happening in a handful of southwest states from July 15 to Sept. 15.

The military said it is a big training exercise it wants people to know about so residents aren't worried if they see special ops troops and helicopters in certain areas.

However, a few far right media sites online say they see it as unconstitutional at best.

Jade Helm Utah map

The website has multiple reports on Jade Helm 15 including a map created for the exercise which shows Utah in bright red labeled "hostile" territory.

Critics of the exercise say U.S. Special Operations troops are training in America in order to intervene in domestic affairs.

The controversy has been the most intense in Texas so far where military units will practice "blending in" in the state's cities and towns.

Fox 13 contacted the Special Ops Command to find out what will happen here in Utah.

Officials told us the only activity here will happen on private land.

Fox 13: Why is Utah included in Jade Helm? Jade Helm 15 Navy training
Special Ops Command: Utah is included in the exercise in order to replicate potential terrain that our soldiers may find themselves operating in overseas.

Fox 13: What is the context for Utah's "hostile" label on the map that has been publicly distributed?
Special Ops Command: The 'hostile' label was part of the exercise design. It is fictional and is not intended to represent any belief that the state of Utah is hostile.

Fox 13: Where will Jade Helm operations be happening in Utah?
Special Ops Command: A small portion of the training exercise will take place on pre-coordinated, private property volunteered by the land owners in Carbon and Emery Counties.

Fox 13 also asked the Utah National Guard about Jade Helm 15.

"This is simply an opportunity for them to train in a battlefield environment that emulates something overseas and we cannot recreate this on the small space of a training facility like Camp Williams or Dugway," Utah National Guard Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn said.

Special Ops Command has been very specific in saying it has arranged all of the training with private land owners.

It said troops in the exercises in other states will be training to act like special agents and sneak into foreign countries.

Officials said the training could be noticeable to locals.

They said residents in Carbon and Emery counties could see helicopters and ground vehicles sometime between July and September.

Planners, observers and commanders will likely book quite a few local hotel rooms so don't be alarmed if you see some particularly fit and serious-looking tourists during that time.


  • tonyE

    Hee! We’re insurgents down in Orange County! Woohoo….

    Do we get to shoot our guns and flush the toilets three times? Maybe I’ll over water my yard too.

  • Derek Jackson

    The US has HUGE training grounds where they build mock cities to replicate where they feel they are going to go to war. During the Iraq war they looked like houses found in Iraq. Now all the facilities have been refitted to look like American suburbs. And they are doing training in our cities. There are no other cities in the world that look like ours. Why does our military as a whole feel it needs to be trained how to breach and clear and fight in American suburbs?

    • Mikee

      You really don’t think China has made cities that look like replicas of American cities?

      Then you haven’t studied China or architecture enough to have an informed opinion.

  • Mikee

    A couple generations ago Americans would have welcomed federal troops training in the area. Today we’re so paranoid about the government we elected that we have to come up with conspiracy theories to explain why our troops are training.

    • TS

      Let’s go ahead and keep believing the Federal Govt, shall we? Let’s believe that Rep or Dem’s can balance the budget (after how many administrations)? Time to wake up Mikee from your disillusioned dream, the Matrix is real. -USAF Vet

  • livelifebeautyfull

    When we have jihadists in our cities, having come through the porous southern border, we might be glad our military has had previous experience in finding and preventing a “Boston” event.

    • austin

      Keep on drinking your kool-aid, the day the military operates on U.S. soil is the day this country dies, the only reason they should is if there is an all out invasion by another country not a group. You want to give up your rights fine but don’t give up mine at the same time. If isis comes to my home they might kill me but I will take some with me on the way.

    • Mike

      Yes dumb one, and who has allowed the intrusions of foreigners and potential terrorists into our wonderful country, with little or no resistance? Our government has. And why might they do this? So they can pretend they are training to fight off these same terrorists, the ones they conveniently allowed in, while they disarm the US citizenry. Wake up you dissolutioned idiot. Have you no common sense?

  • edwin

    there making out your going to see troops on the ground….but what your going to realy see is troops in plain cloves your not even going to realise…

  • ozzzy4444

    The idea that these troops are planning some kind of Tea Party round-up is hard to accept,
    but it’s also hard to accept that the IRS would be used to single out and persecute the Tea Party,
    but we now know that it did happen and no one has been held accountable in any way!
    When it comes to trusting the federal government, at this point the “paranoid nut-jobs” have
    more credibility than the calm voices of reason!

  • Rob Magnuson

    I think it’s good that they are getting ready for terrorist 8N the U.S.A. It’s a fact that they have camps and are training 8n curtain states. I think the citizens of the U.S. should also be prepared !!! It’s not just going to go away !!!

  • Michael Puckett

    I’m surprised the Central Valley of California isn’t listed as hostile. The Orange County and San Diego aren’t the only bastions of “bitter clingers” in California.

  • Wylekat

    I figured it out, kids! The pope has stated Palestine a ‘state’- and since Israel isn’t going to care in the least, Obama has decided to use this exercise as a way to clear out space in this area, and airlift in every Palestinian who wants to go. Houses, cars, jobs, money, all ready for them after the military clears everyone out and puts them into FEMA camps.

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