Suspect dead after man with concealed carry permit intervenes in alleged carjacking in Orem

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OREM, Utah -- A man with a concealed carry permit fatally shot a man in a Maceys parking lot after intervening in a carjacking in Orem Saturday morning, and so far police say the man will not face charges as it appears the shooting was justified.

The incident started at the Summit Ridge Apartment Complex in the area of 1700 S. 400 East when police were called to a fight at about 10:45 a.m. Five people, three women and two men, fled the scene in a vehicle.

FOX 13 News' Robert Boyd reports a resident of an apartment was nearly hit at some point as the suspects drove through a grassy area during their escape.

"I could have been hit, I was standing right here and they came up and the officer just followed pursuit," Witness Rae Eddy said.

Police said the suspects’ vehicle stopped in the area of 1010 South and 400 East after they hit a curb. Surveillance footage shows the five people exiting the vehicle. A 26-year-old male suspect stole a pickup truck from a home in that area and the other four left the area on foot.

Two of the females that fled on foot were apprehended and taken in for questioning regarding the incident. The suspect who fled in the truck drove to Maceys, 800 N. State Street.

While at the grocery store, police say, the suspect abandoned the truck and went to steal another vehicle in the parking lot.

"Subject gets out of the truck, goes over and pulls the lady out of the silver Mercedes, starts to get in the car, she's screaming for help,” said Captain Ned Jackson of the Orem Police Department.

The suspect attempted to carjack the woman in a Mercedes at about 11:18 a.m., and that's when a shopper, so far only identified as a 31-year-old male, confronted the suspect.

“Our citizen goes up at gun point, has him get out of the car, the guy gets out of the car,” Jackson said. "The suspect lunged and tried to get the gun from him, so at that point he's trying to protect himself and shoots the gentleman."

Police said the shopper, who had a concealed carry permit, was threatened and fired his weapon.

The suspect, who police have not yet identified, suffered a single gunshot wound and was transported to Utah Valley Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Police say the man had several felony warrants. Officers are actively searching for the other two suspects involved in the original incident.

Officials with the Orem Police Department said the man who fired the gun is not facing charges at this point because it appears his use of deadly force was justified.

Clark Aposhian is on the board of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, which is a group that advocates for the right of  Utahns to "keep and bear their private arms for security and defense of self, family, others, property, the state, and all other lawful purposes," and he shared his perspective on the legality of the shopper's actions.

“If someone is trying to break into your vehicle, especially while you are in it, that’s considered a forcible felony under Utah law and under that code section it says you can use any force necessary to stop the person who is in the commission of that forcible felony," he said.

None of the names of the people involved in this case will be released until the autopsy is complete, which is scheduled to take place on Monday. FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


  • Some Dude Or Something

    So a guy who wasn’t involved, didn’t have his own car stolen, wasn’t a cop, just was a dude with a gun, shot a killed a guy.
    That guy is gonna be doing some time. He felt ‘threatened’ by an unarmed guy huh. Get a good lawyer, bub.


      You need to educate yourself. Anyone who is a register ccp, ccw can intervene if there is a felony being committed. Good thing he did too.

      Criminal Sympathist.

      • bob

        Anyone who is a CITIZEN can, and should, intervene. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry a gun.

      • Sheldon

        Nicely said, for all the idoits in Utah that don’t like our rights, please go back to California or New York or whatever socialist state you crawled out of.


      SOME DUDE OR SOMETHING: The citizen with the concealed carry permit made a citizen’s arrest. The suspect threatened his life and is now in the morgue. You do know about citizen’s arrests don’t you?

      And no, there are several reasons why this citizen won’t be charged with a crime. One of those reasons is that you couldn’t find a jury in Utah County that wouldn’t want to give the good citizen and award.


      By the way Some Dude Or Something – the suspect (or dude to use immature phraseology on your mental level) had several felony warrants he was running from. Are you honestly as dimwitted as you make yourself out to be?

    • chickenman

      Some Dude, wow. You must be a criminal yourself and the prospect of an armed citizen is terrifying to your kind. Congrats to this brave citizen and well done for having the courage to intervene. Oh and some dude, know there are 10’s of thousands of us out here that would not hesitate to do the same if threatened or witness someone else being threatened.

    • ThreePercent

      Does your head hurt when you try to think? Being a good Samaritan isn’t a crime. If that was your daughter or wife, wouldn’t you be happy someone came to her aid? Bub.

    • Hunter

      Hope your targeted by the next thug, maybe you’ll change your tune.. Oh wait I bet your the one committing crimes

    • bob

      People like you make me sick.

      This society belongs to the citizens, not the police. This is what citizens are supposed to do.

    • Get Serious

      @ Some Dude Or Something, you really are something. If you were the one this man who was committing this crime against you would have been praying for immedate help. He had the power in his fist to break all the bones in your face with one punch. He used to be a good person but had his demons and chose a path of descruction that lead to his death. No one is to blame for his death but him. I am so thankful he didn’t do more damage. I hope all that knew him will be able to remember the good guy he used to be, Not judge his family for his actions and learn from the choices he made and how his life ended.

    • breeboo

      Some Dude – I really hope you are not the self-absorbed idiot you came across as, so let me ask a clarifying question: if the woman involved was being assaulted, and you were the closest person to the situation, would you just sit back and watch it unfold, because it wasn’t your wife/sister/daughter/friend? Just trying to determine your trigger level for “time to give a crap.”

    • Rick Unger

      Noting that the CC permit holder did not shoot the car jacket for stealing a vehicle, but for being personally attacked by him.

    • mykaelp

      If, and he won’t, be prosecuted, he will rake in millions for his defense. Because the vast majority of law abiding citizens agree with what he did. No you can go rob another 7-11 or whatever it is you do.

    • abominog666

      The “unarmed guy” was actually in act of perpetrating a violent felony, and lunging for someone’s gun is enough of a threat for the responsible CCW holder to have defended himself using lethal force.

      I hope the carjacker felt each bullet tear through his flesh at speeds above Mach 1, hitting highly enervated areas with impact and velocity, further transferring excruciating heat energy to his wounds, and that the rapid loss of blood pressure, accompanied with increased levels of adrenaline, caused the mortally injured carjacker to slowly and mercilessly die in intractable, agonizing pain and extreme panic, nausea and fear.

    • Anon

      It might serve you well to actually know the law before you comment on the law. If he watched a crime being committed and did nothing he then might have a legal problem. Coming to the aid of the victim was the right thing to do. He un-holstered his weapon until the guy made advancement toward him, when he was left with no choice but to defend himself.

      • Nick

        Maybe you should learn the law. You don’t have to give aid to anybody. And you don’t need to kill another human life. You don’t have to get involved in this crime on both sides. The guy pulled her out of the car to take the car. This thug with a gun had no reason to get involved like he did. All he had to do was call the police. So stealing a car is worth killing a person. I hope this thug gets a civil suit. And I hope a judge throws the book at him


        You are right NICK, pukes like yourself don’t have to give aid to anybody. Let the screaming woman fight her own battles. And no, NICK, the police have already determined that the shooting was justified. To win a civil suit son you have to have a jury that finds in your favor, and in this case the jury would award a medal to the man who came to the woman’s aid.

        You’re in over your head on this discussion. Come back after you graduate 8th grade.

    • Rob

      Seriously. ..anyone that sympathizes with the thug that is commiting a felony and lunges at someone legally carrying to prevent the crime, is more fn stupid than the actual felon. You’re just a liberal POS! Please exit stage right.

      • Nick

        Your right the only thug here is the guy with a gun . He had no reason to kill a person. The other guy pulled her out of the car and he was on his way to leave. Until this thug with a gun killed this poor man


        Hey NICK: How about a little sympathy for the woman who was being victimized by the carjacker? Why don’t you march right down and tell the police why they got it all wrong when they called this shooting “JUSTIFIED”?

    • Burn

      Get real, Bill. This is 2015, not 1965. If this had any variety of relevance to the actual story that would be one thing. But as far as relevance is concerned you might as well have written “vegetarianlivesmatter” because, seriously Bill I’m telling you this as a friend: no one cares. A man was shot and killed and the last fact anybody should care about is which deity they paid homage to. If this was 1965 I could understand your need to try and rally this religious community so as to raise awareness, but we’re 50 years past that point. Everyone knows Mormons, and as much as they want the rest of us to accept them as they are, token idiots like you bring the lds thing into places it doesn’t belong. You are the type of person that gives outsiders a reason not to like Mormons.

      Take your marginalized, victimized mindset somewhere that accepts pointless throwaway catchphrases as valid discussion. This is Fox news, not General conference. If you wish to have an intelligent conversation keep your biased preferences to yourself. Because otherwise all you’re saying is “this group is more important than everyone else because…”, and if you’re still not getting it try reading it from the other side of the coin:


      • bob

        Bill is assuming that the perpetrator was a Mormon.

        It’s called “stereotyping.” “Utah County? Must be a Mormon…..”

        I don’t really care what religion he was. He was committing a felony, and in the process tried to grab a citizen’s gun. It’s reasonable to assume that the citizen, as well as the victim in the car, were in mortal danger. Shooting the perp was the correct move.

      • abominog666

        I agree with you for the most part, Burn, but your hashtag reveals that you are probably an ill-informed Social Justice Warrior when it comes to Islam and Muslims, and no doubt you subscribe to the idea of “Islamophobia”, a contrived, meaningless word ironically developed by the champions of the most marginalized, victimized mindset imaginable. You would have made a much stronger point without a hashtag, or if you somehow felt compelled to use a hashtag in a non-Instagram post, then you ought to have used #atheistlivesmatter.


    • bob

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Law-abiding citizens do not get to choose when they need a gun, where they need a gun, or why they need a gun. They only get to choose whether or not they’ll HAVE a gun when those decisions are made for them.

  • lacy

    This is scary and we will see much more of it i am sure.,but justified is completely obsurd !!!! So for now on we catch a crime off theft being done we should shoot to kill ,,no. Items like a stupid car should ever replaced some ones life he was not armed .,this man that shot his gun is no hero but in fact a trigger happy person who i hope has to live with this murder this could have been handled a hole lot different no one out there can say they don’t no some one who did something totally stupid but they didn’t deserve to die,

    • breeboo


      He didn’t shoot the guy because he was stealing a car. Go back and read the story. He shot the guy because he lunged at him. Bad move. The criminal was an idiot. If he had gotten out of the car and walked away, he’d be alive still, free to commit stupid crimes to his little felon’s heart’s content.

    • Heather

      In all your incessant babbling I could barely comprehend what point you’re trying to get across. Self defense is not murder. If you point a gun at someone committing a crime and they come at you, “armed or not” then your life is in danger because they can hit you and take your gun and kill you. So are you trying to say that if someone is grabbing another and throwing them out of their car that person is not in danger because the person doing the grabbing is not “armed” with a gun. You are very ignorant and obviously only think purely on an emotional level and are incapable of rational thought. I hope no one ever grabs you and tries to stuff you in a trunk or throw you to the ground and beat you as you will not try to defend yourself or want anyone else to do so since you believe that person is not “armed”.


      LACY – Coming to the aid of a woman who was screaming for help is a concept that you are unable to comprehend so please don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

    • Rick Unger

      Noting that the CC permit holder did not shoot the car-jacke for stealing a vehicle, but for being personally attacked by him.

    • BE

      Such is the claim from every liberal and/or apologist. “He was shot for just (insert innocent action here)”. They eagerly, and ignorantly, eliminate ALL relevant facts and focus on the irrelevant. You might as well have said “he was shot just for sitting in a Mercedes”, since you ignored the attack on the woman, the fleeing from the police, and the lunging at the CCW holder. Those pesky facts just get in the way so much. As Bob said earlier, people SHOULD be there to assist each other more! As an officer, I’ll be the first to state we cannot do it all. Society needs police, but it needs citizens looking out for each other even more. Enough of letting yourself be a victim!

    • Nick

      I agree with you 100%. This shooter needs to be in prison for life. The nra. Says a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. This man pulled her out of the car to leave. Till this thug with a gun comes up and shoots this man. No one should have guns. Not even the police


        NICK – You’re suggesting that decent men should just stand around with their hands in their pockets and watch a criminal steal a woman’s car. This isn’t California where a group of people stood around and watched as a girl was gang raped. Are you honestly that pathetic?

  • Scott Thompson

    The responsible armed citizen attempted to and did in fact protect a female from a vicious carjacking criminal. When the criminal instead of complying with the order to surrender lunged at the citizen was shot and killed. The citizen should be given a thank you from the community for saving the woman’s live.
    Get training, Get Prepared, Practice what you have been trained.

    • TheDark_Knight

      He has my thanks not only from protecting this women’s personal property (possibly life), he also gets a thank you from me for protecting our community from future criminal acts this man would have certainly committed. He was a rabid Rottweiler that needed to be put down!

    • Nick

      He pulled her from her car and he was going to leave. This was murder. Ban all guns and rewrite the constitution. We don’t need guns in america


      Taulagi Matafeo was a criminal. There will always be women, Rhonda, who think that people like T would make great husbands and fathers.

    • Nick

      No he is scum thug with a gun. The man pulled her out of the car to flee he did not harm her or kill her. This man with a gun was a hunter to kill people.


        Are you trying to justify the behavior of the puke victimizing the car’s owner? You’ve already lost the argument. The police have ruled the shooting as justified.

  • Destiny Bradford

    I’m glad someone was willing to help her. We need more people like that in the world. I also don’t understand what the fuss is about, the criminal was attacking a woman, armed or not the man received the consequences of committing a crime, albeit more severe than most cases of car theft but the consequences fit nonetheless. I believe every life is equal but I also believe you lose your right to live as soon as you threaten someone else’s. I’m happy to have taken advantage of my Amendment right this year by getting a .38 and can’t wait to get CCP.

  • Robert G

    Bloomberg are you watching. This is why the people will never give in to the demands of the 1% who want to take away our rights to own a gun.

  • Nick

    Guns kill. People should not have guns at all. Not even the police. If this guy did not have a gun this poor man would be alive. He pulled a person from the car. We live in a world today that people are just messed up in the head. We don’t need CFP. Thugs running around with guns. Like I said not even cops should have guns. Only God can decide who lives or dies. People we need to ban all guns. And rewrite the constitution. People do not need guns in america

  • Nick

    Pres Obama needs to ban all guns in America. Rewrite the constitution. We don’t need guns in America. He was a thug with a gun. Killing a man who could be high or drunk. Or have health issues. To kill an unarmed person. Well that’s murder. I hope mrs Hilary Clinton becomes the next pres. So she can ban all guns from everybody in America. Vote Hilary. She will stop this bloodshed. From license thugs with guns.


      Ever heard the term “red herring” Nick? Its when somebody throws out a line of b.s. in order to agitate a response. You’re not even very good at it. To pull it off you’ve to to be a little more subtle Nick.

      • Nick

        Yes I have . So what you saying. The guy with a gun was fishing using this act as bait to kill a person. Wow. Your good. So he was out fishing to kill people.


        Like I said before NICK, your way over your head on this one. Obama does not have the constitutional authority to overturn the 2nd Amendment. Didn’t they teach you anything in elementary school?

  • Disgusted

    You people are sad! And if you are not a Christian, I can let this slide, but for those of you who claim to be God fearing Christians, shame on you! You totally ignore the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. The bible says nothing about unless your threatened in that commandment. Someone lost their life at the hands of another and you all cheer like it’s a football game and someone just scored a touchdown. I am guessing you also ignore the needless rage shootings that happen every day by idiots caring guns around just like this “Citizen”. Here’s just one of the latest examples. We really need to pray for this country and people that think it’s justified for anyone to take another life.

    • Owen Thomas

      Actually the original text of the bible says “Thou Shalt Not Murder”, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is a false translation. The armed citizen is a hero and if the thug hadn’t attacked him, the thug would still be alive today. It’s unfortunate that you think that a crime victim has fewer rights to live in peace than the thug that assaulted her, or that the hero who intervened should just let the thug that came after him, too, maim or kill him rather than defend himself. The thug made his own choices which any reasonable person could have seen would lead to his being shot. You don’t attack someone holding a gun on you…death by stupidity.


      Disgusted: Get over your disgust and deal with the fact that when you attempt to enter someone’s home illegally you’re living on borrowed time.

  • Nick

    I guess the orem police are not to bright. They need to charge this man with murder. He was a thug with a gun. We also need to rewrite the constitution to ban all firearms from all. To include the police. Because the police use the gun the same as a person who is not a cop. Ban all guns


      Why don’t you march right down to the police station NICK and explain the law to them. Meantime son, now that you know the rules may I suggest that you remember to knock and get the owner’s invitation before trying enter someone’s home. You’ll live longer that way.

  • Tim

    Every law abiding citizen who has no criminal record should be able to conceal carry. There would be a lot less crime when the hood rats know whoever their about to carjack, rob, or burglarize WILL shoot them.

  • PG

    We created police departments so we would have trained, dispassionate individuals upholding our laws. The idea of common citizens carrying and using weapons went out of style in the 19th century for good reason; too many accidental and/or wrongful deaths. This instance turned out OK because no one else got hurt or killed. And, it appears the guy that did get killed was indeed committing a felony. That’s important because the argument that the shooter was protecting himself doesn’t hold up. It was he who brought the gun into the situation thus threatening the carjacker. If the guy hadn’t actually been committing that felony, the shooter would now be in a lot of trouble. Nonetheless, society is stupid to continue to allow this sort of thing. Police train regularly and still screw up. Common citizens with guns don’t and thus are a hazard the rest of us should try to stop. In the heat of the moment few people can exercise the judgment as to who the “bad guy” is and whether or not they are acting in a way that justifies shooting and possibly killing them.

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