School says no to the dress: Teen sent home from prom

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Credit: WXMI

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- A Michigan high school student was sent home from her prom because school officials determined her dress violated the dress code.

Mireya Briceno and her mother, Connie, carefully reviewed the dress code before purchasing the $300 dress, according to WXMI.

One of the rules stated “no midriff can be exposed,” which includes the midriff being visible through sheer material.

Mireya’s midriff was not showing in her blue and white polka dot dress, but her side was visible.

“They asked her to stand-up and turn around, so she turned around and they simply told her ‘You’re in violation. You need to go home,'” said Briceno.

Connie said photos show several girls with similar dresses who were allowed to stay at prom, including some girls with sheer material over their midriffs.

Credit: WXMI

Muskegon High School Principal Brad Perkins told WXMI two other girls were sent home but later returned in different wardrobe.

Perkins said Mireya apparently wore her date's jacket into prom but later took it off, revealing the dress. He said when the vice principal asked Mireya if she wore the jacket to cover up because she knew she was in violation, Mireya said, “Yes,” but the girl's mother disputes that claim.

“She wore the jacket outside because it was chilly, but she took it off at the front door and even posed for a photo with the cheerleading coach in that dress,” said Connie.

Principal Perkins refused to look at the photos of Mireya or other students at the prom.

“What would be the purpose of looking in the past?” he told WXMI.

Perkins said he stands by the school’s dress code, which has been in place for several years.


  • Auntie Enn

    That looks like a hoochie-mama dress. Why do they feel they need to expose that much skin? Always pushing the limit to get past the dress-codes. There are plenty of beautiful dresses that fit the code.
    If it was cool, she should have worn a cover – shrug or pretty shawl. I think she wore her date’s jacket to get past the door, hoping she could sneak her dress in. Shame on mom.

    • Miss Feminist

      How the hell is this a hoochie mama dress? It shows a portion of her back….So if your back is showing even a little you’re a hoochie? She’s showing skin so she is a sinner!!


        The school has a dress code, this girl knew it, and darned if she wasn’t surprised when the enforced it. You don’t think there will be a dress code when she enters the work force? I guess you’d be shocked to know that the US Military has a dress code. Imagine that!!


    Mireya Briceno knew the dress violated the school code which is why she wore her date’s jacket to get in. Some mothers teach modesty and some mothers teach birth control.

  • bob

    it’s normal for teens to push the rules to the breaking point, but when “parents” participate something is wrong. Her mother should be more mature than that.

  • ewetah

    Hey, each school sets their own dress codes. The dress code is known well in advance, so getting rejected is something the girl should have known already. It is not up to me or anyone else to judge if the dress is appropriate for prom since the school determines that, not the public, a student’s mother, etc. Deal with it!!

  • Carol

    The dress goes too much to the front it almost looks like she might have a “wardrobe malfunction.” Glad the school followed policy. It is tiring to hear how people think they are above the rules and try to get away with breaking them. It would be nice to be able to find more modest dresses. A lot of the fashions these days are just really immodest. I don’t like them and won’t buy them for my daughter and I don’t let my daughter buy or wear those types of clothes.

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