Camaro tries to pass on shoulder, causes wreck

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NEW YORK– YouTuber Tim Linton has loaded a video of what appears to be a Camaro causing an accident on an interstate. Linton says the video was recorded on 4/21/15  near Batavia, New York.

According to ABC 15, the Camaro’s driver has been charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated.

In the YouTube comments, Linton said there were no injuries.


  • bob

    Hopefully the guy in the pickup gets what he has coming to him, legally speaking. He punched his gas pedal and illegally blocked the Camaro from merging. Then he deliberately slowed down and boxed the Camaro in, using the big truck as a moving roadblock.

    The Camaro driver is certainly responsible for what he did, but the pickup driver was the road-rager who triggered the whole thing. IT’S NOT A COMPETITION!

    • Pincher Martin

      Bob, I agree. He should have let the Camaro pass or at least not boxed him in. The only innocent victim in that accident was the Big Rig trucker.

    • Ryan

      I agree with Bob. If a loon is tailing you on the highway, don’t play games with your vehicle. Swiftly move over to let the vehicle pass. If he did this, it would have been avoided. You never know what state of mind or impairment a driver is in, so it’s better to be safe than sorry, wrecked, and in a ditch on the side of the highway with a semi.

    • Matt

      It seems to me that there wasn’t enough room for the camaro to pass in the first place, and the 4×4 driver freaked out and gunned it. But I still agree he should have slowed down and let the crazy driver pass. Something like this is bound to happen if he speeds up and then slows down, that’s not cool man, plus the camaro driver was clearly not thinking right. Thats a bad combo.

  • Levi

    The guy driving the Camero is totally the jerk here. He tried to cut off the truck and then tailgated him before illegally passing and causing the accident. I would have done the same thing if I were driving the truck. If the Camero would have just been patient maybe the truck would have let him pass.

  • tomtom

    The guy with the dashcam should have given them a lot more space. Pileups occur because so many people don’t give space. Tailgater after tailgater…. one thing happens and they all pile up. Leave some space, especially if you see this happening in front of you! If they collided on the left instead of off to the right he’d have been right in the middle of it.

  • Odilio

    I guess people are sick of wanna be race car driver in their sports car using the street as their playground. Intant justice I say.

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