Mother accuses officers of taking nude photos of dead daughter’s body

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COOK COUNTY, Ill. -- A mother is suing the Cook County Sheriff's Department accusing officers of taking inappropriate nude photos of her daughter's dead body.

Nicholas B. Sord, arrested in fatal DUI crash. (Handout)

Nicholas B. Sord, arrested in fatal DUI crash.

According to WGN-TV, Jessica Mejia, 20, was killed in 2009 when a car driven by her ex-boyfriend crashed into a pole in unincorporated Cook County.

The lawsuit claims deputies improperly removed her clothing at the scene and took nude photos.

"This was a young lady that just died and was treated with less dignity than a deer carcass you find on the side of the road," Don Perry, the attorney representing the Mejia family, told the Chicago Tribune.

The trial is scheduled to begin next Monday. A spokesperson says the department acted appropriately to preserve evidence.

The driver, Nicholas Sord, pleaded guilty last fall to drunken driving and was sentenced to 56 months in prison.

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    There’s more to this story than we’re being told. The police aren’t going to disrobe a deceased person to take photos of them. They may take photos of a unclothed or partially unclothed victim but that isn’t cause to award some dirtbag lawyer money to buy a BMW.

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