4 newborn pups nursed by mama cat now being bottle-fed

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MURRAY, Utah --Four newborn puppies found abandoned Tuesday were being nursed by a cat at the Humane Society of Utah.

While their survival was at first uncertain, Deann Shepherd, spokeswoman for the shelter, said the puppies have moved on to bottle-feedings and are doing great.

The Chihuahua puppies were found in West Valley City Tuesday when a woman saw that they were left in a box on her car, according to a press release from the Humane Society of Utah.

A note on the box indicated they were born Friday and their mother had died.

The pups were taken to the shelter at about 3:30 p.m. where the staff decided to put them with a surrogate cat mother to try and save their lives. Previously the same day, two cats were surrendered to the shelter -- Kat, a pregnant brown tabby and Kit, a brown tabby who had recently nursed her own kittens and was still lactating.

Kit has been the pups'  surrogate mother. The release states that all four puppies are moving and feeding at the moment.

“The puppies would not have survived into the night without food, so we’re lucky that the woman found them on her car when she did,” said Deann Shepherd, HSU spokeswoman. “Their survival is uncertain at this time since we do not know how long they have been without their mother or how long they were left in that box, but we’re very hopeful that they will make it.”

HSU staff is optimistic and have started looking for a foster volunteer who can take them home and look after this unique family, the release states.

The video above shows Kit nurturing and nursing the four puppies.



  • bob

    That’s cute, and the pups are lucky, but it’s not true that they needed a “mother” in order to eat. You can buy puppy formula. It’s not ideal, but they can do fine on it. Same with humans.

  • crazycatlady42

    Sweet. For some reason it reminds me of the line from Gone with the Wind when Dilcey says “Nuthin’ wrong with this child ‘cept he hungry, and what it take to feed a hungry child I got.”

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