Most Utahns OK with LDS Church’s influence in Utah Legislature in new poll

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FILE: The LDS Church's Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

More than half of Utahns polled in a new survey say they are OK with the state’s largest religion influencing the Utah Legislature but that’s only by a slim margin.

The poll from states 51 percent of Utah’s residents say they think the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the right amount of influence over the legislature.

That leaves 34 percent who said the LDS Church has too much influence and 10 percent who said the church should have more pull with lawmakers.

The split was more pronounced along party lines.

Among Democrats, 70 percent said they think the church has too much pull with just 15 percent of Republicans who felt the same way.

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LDS Church influence on lawmakers Utah Policy poll


    • Michael Andersen

      Separation of Church and State is not in the Constitution. What is in the Constitution is a prohibition for a government run church. That is, the government cannot set up its own church, not that religious people are barred from government service. It makes sense that in a state where most people are a particular religion that the people would elect as their representative a member of their religion.

      • Nelson Phillips

        You’re half right. The constitution does prohibit a government run church, but it also prohibits government promoting one church over another, which does indeed happen in Utah.

        The legislating of one’s religious beliefs is wrong, from any perspective, LDS or gentile. When Utah Mormons finally decide to just live their religion and stop forcing it on everyone else, peace will finally come to Utah.

    • Devilsplan

      Mormons just believe they should force people to do right and that it’s ok to do that. They are unable to do wrong because they are saints you know…

  • Nick

    Wroth the alteration of church and state, no church should be allowed influence on government affairs, policies, laws….let’s just go back to the oppression of colonial England that are fore father’s fought to free us from.

    • Nick

      Supposed to read:
      With the seperation of church and state, no church should be allowed influence on government affairs, policies, laws….let’s just go back to the oppression of colonial England that are fore father’s fought to free us from.

  • JB

    This can’t be very accurate. How many of these people surveyed are and aren’t members of the church? You would need to have a 50/50 mix to get a far result. I for one am Mormon and don’t agree with the LDS church’s influence in government. Church and state are supposed to be separate but far to many time these lines tend to cross from church in to state.

  • Nathan2B

    I think the LDS Church does in fact have to much power in influencing the laws I.e the Zion Curtain. Yes a Churches opinions should count as far as their members that are in congress/ Governors office, but they should not be allowed to act in anyway by exerting influence on its members to pass certain laws or even be allowed to sponsor or support bills.

  • j gregersen

    Didn’t I learn in an American school that mixing religion and state business is against the constitution? Do all the Mormons including the flds think they are above the constitution?? A religion who builds a huge office bldg, is not a religion its a business. I think all religion should be taxed!!!

  • miles (dave)

    people who dont want religion to be in government are those who dont see value in religion (by the way thats ok i can still respect those people even though i do see value in religion), but they also dont understand that a democracy is government by the people for the people, and here in utah some of the people choose to be religious and some of those religious people choose to participate in government.

    part of religion is having people who agree on certain values based ideas and if you dont think government dose not deal within those values than you dont understand government, so those agreed upon values should and do have a place in the decision making process for personal life and government decisions (if not than you have what are called hypocrites and that is worse)

    by the way the whole concept i talked about above is true regardless of the religion and state you live in. in some places the general people and there fore the government is made up of atheists
    3.1 Albania
    3.2 China
    3.3 Cuba
    3.4 Soviet Union
    3.5 North Korea
    (by the way i dont endeavor to join any of those governments i just dont see them as super awesome, by the way just because its not my thing dosnt mean i cant respect those who it is there thing as long as only people who want to be there are the ones there, but i also would encourage them to change.)

    in the end if group A dose not like the decisions of group B then group A should become more politically active but in the end we all need to get along, by the way i bet there are and were christians who wish there government would stop cuting there heads off. so dont think a atheist government is perfect either

  • James Swensen

    I certainly wasn’t asked. What did they do, poll outside of a Stake Center? This is such a broad generalization of the people of Utah and is what seriously pisses me off. The LDS church should have nothing to do with our government.

  • Hyrum_Justice

    I call BS! All statistics can be skewed in the direction of those who present them. 98.6% of all people know that. Show us your research because we non-mormons don’t believe you.

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