Book of Mormon tickets on sale in Utah; here’s what LDS Church is saying

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SALT LAKE CITY - The wait is over for fans of the Book of Mormon musical.

Several dozen turned out to snag a few tickets and they didn't have to deal with any long lines. 

Doors opened at 10 a.m. at the Capitol Theatre and the line didn't really start forming until about 8:30 a.m.

ArtTix is selling tickets online and the site was getting so much traffic some logging on to buy were put on an online wait list.

The satirical musical opened on Broadway in 2011.

It’s about two Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda to share the Book of Mormon with locals.

The popular show is the work of the creators of South Park and its profanity and sexual references have raised some eyebrows.

“It really is a wonderful, wonderful production and it’s sort of offensive in a hilarious way,” Zo Richardson said after buying tickets.

Many Utahns in line said they never thought the Tony Award-winning musical would come to the Beehive State. LDS church on Book of Mormon

“I didn't think it would ever come to Utah,” ticket buyer Heidi Valdez said. “That’s why we wanted to for sure see it in Chicago, because we thought it will never come here.”

Instead of protesting the musical, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seems to be embracing the situation.

They released a statement when the show premiered in 2011:

“The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.”

The church has taken out full page ads in the show's playbill in cities where it has toured, emphasizing that "the book is always better."

Performances begin July 28 at the Capitol Theatre and run for two weeks ending Aug. 9.

Tickets: Click here to see if tickets are still available


  • Coasters

    No matter how the devil tries to deride. The Gospel is still true and this will only bring more publicity for the Truth.

    • I Love Jesus

      A men, Brother Coasters.

      You can only kick the church UP stairs – (my fav. Brigham Young quote)

      Move over The Book of Mormon Musical. Freetown is here to show you what being a missionary in Africa is really like. Read our exclusive review of this riveting and powerful new film here: ‪#‎freetownmovie‬ ‪#‎ldsfilmfestival‬

    • Paul

      You are only lacking the proof that your gospel is true. Minor detail, right? You sound like a politician. “I don’t have a shred of proof, but I know I am right.”

    • David Whittington

      Coasters My Boy: The only problem with your version of the ‘Truth’ is it was created by a con-man and sexually deviant criminal using magic ‘seer’ stones. But go ahead and keep deluding yourself. Ignorance is bliss.

  • PB&J

    If people want to get the complete wrong idea of the Church and also missionary work, then by all means go waste your money. I wasted mine.

  • skylerbaird

    Super excited to see this. I wanted to see it when I was in Chicago but cheap tickets were around $300. Hopefully small ole Salt Lake City they are a bit cheaper. I love listening to a lot of the songs. Even though it is meant to be satirical and poke fun at the church. There is a deeper layer(from what I have seen and heard) that really emphasizes the faith we as member and particularly missionaries have. It’s something to be admired. “A war lord who shoot people in the face… What’s so scary about that? My lord is mightier…”

    But again it is not for the faint of heart. If I find that it is to much for myself I will leave the review on my YouTube channel linked here.

  • Flynn Rider

    This musical successfully brings to light the ridiculousness of the Mormon church’s teachings and self-righteous attitude towards humanity by using sarcasm, humor, music and dance.

    • Lyle

      It is a fantastic show. If you can’t get to the show you can buy the musical soundtrack. It is just as enjoyable.

  • The Yakima Kid

    Here in the SF Bay Area, LDS members have visited with people entering the musical and offered them information on the Book of Mormon and the LDS church, in a friendly, cheerful way – without ever criticizing the musical because people who are atheists love things that are blasphemous, and criticizing the musical would lead to the atheists immediately pigeonholing the ambassadors as “censors.”

    As a friend of mine puts it, “you’re curious about the Book of Mormon? I am happy to tell you all about it.”

    No, I am not LDS, and I do not understand the absolute intolerance and bigotry of those who hate Christians. I’m not even Christian.

    • Kim

      Have you listened to any of the songs from the musical? It’s not about hating Christians, LDS or any other religious group. It does mock the idea that every religion thinks they are the ones with the keys to the kingdom and points out how hypocritical it is to mock another’s religion while touting your own. However, the missionary characters themselves are lovable, respectable characters shown in a flattering light. Parker and Stone obviously love mormons, even if they have a hard time swallowing some of their claims. And let’s be honest – the Garden of Eden being in Missouri sounds pretty odd to an outsider.

    • Jimmy

      I can help you understand. It is because for thousands of years Christians have been terrorists to the world. Their bigotry and hatred is overlooked because it is in the name of gawd, so that makes it OK.

  • Random Anonymous 13 year-old

    I’m a Mormon, and at first when my family got the soundtrack for the play, I was horribly offended – but then I grudgingly admitted that the vast majority of it is accurate – and all of it is hilarious. I kept imagining you-know-who as an adorable Olaf snowman… and I’m sure I’m not the only one. In fact, it seemed a little surprising that it was made entirely by non-Mormons. Oh, well, it’s just a fun musical – and our church is already made fun of; sometimes I can see why it deserves it… (Embarrassed face)

    • Paul

      Wait until you get a little older…you will find even more reasons why that religion should be made fun of. At least you are on your way! Proud of you kid!

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