Girl Scout spots distressed mother in Salt Lake City; rescue of 10 ducklings caught on camera

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A mother duck was reunited with her ducklings at Liberty Park this week after a young Girl Scout leaving a workshop on animal habitats spotted the distressed animal.

Senna Demartinis, 10, had just finished a Girl Scout workshop on animal habitats at Tracy Aviary when she spotted a mother duck circling a storm drain in the parking lot.

She soon realized 10 baby ducks had fallen into the storm drain and were stranded, so Senna ran back to the aviary to get help. Salt Lake County Animal Services personnel and other first responders helped pull the ducklings to safety.

Senna said she was glad she was able to help them.

“I felt happy because the chicks were back at home and the mother duck went in after the chicks, and they were in a line like in other things, like in books and movies when the ducks are in lines,” she said.

The girl’s mother, Linda, said she was grateful the duck family was able to be reunited.

"Oh it was really cute,” she said. “It was great. It felt just really happy, and we were just really excited for the little family to be able to be back together again."

After they were free of the storm drain, Senna help lead the family of ducks back to the pond. See the video above for the interview with Senna and her mom, and see the video below for more images and footage from the rescue, courtesy the Demartinis family.


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