Woman killed in crash on I-80 in Tooele County

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – A woman was killed in a car crash in Tooele County Wednesday evening, and a Utah Highway Patrol trooper who was setting up a road block in that area suffered minor injuries when her patrol vehicle was rear-ended.

Utah Highway Patrol officials confirmed to FOX 13 News that a woman was killed after being involved in a crash with another vehicle on I-80 at mile post 101, which is near the area where I-80 intersects with State Route 201.

trooper hit on I-80Officials also report that a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper was setting up road block as a result of the crash when the vehicle she was inside was rear-ended. She suffered minor injuries.

Specific details about the crashes were not immediately clear. FOX 13 News’ Robert Boyd was at the scene of the crash, see the video above for his live report.


  • Joe

    It’s unfortunate that a uhp car was hit but lately I have noticed uhp officers aren’t getting set up in good positions when responding to accidents. I almost rear ended one today on bangeter and again around Christmas while heading to provo.

  • David Thelen

    To make our roads safer, please State of Utah, create a new car-to-car communication system by way of drivers’ smart phones. Most people own these cell phones, and they have GPS capabilities. Drivers would download an APP to make this system to work.
    Car accident up ahead, debris in the roadway, car diving in the wrong direction, icy conditions up ahead, all these risks would warn drivers through their smart phones for these conditions. Cameras and sensors would pick up things like debris in the roadway and icy conditions to forewarn drivers of such conditions.
    Most towns have their own public radio station and you can listen to it anywhere through your smart phone. If these roadway risks occur, the city run radio station will broadcast these warnings through cell phones in these areas made possible by the special APP.
    At the same time, texting and driving is also a big problem among drivers, especially the youth. As part of this new car-to-car communication APP, it will deactivate texting services if the car (thus the smart phone) is moving. Then you prevent the youth from having text services to tempt them while driving.
    Driver’s license offices, and car insurance companies would require their customers to download these special APPs and when they do, this software will let these organizations know this driver has the new safety feature downloaded to their phone.
    This state would give a grant to the University of Utah or Utah State to develop this special APP, thus making car-to-car communication a reality. Make our roads safer and perhaps save lives.

    • Tyler

      UDOT already has an app that does that. The problem is that not everybody has the app downloaded. Additionally, I’d rather not have drivers around such hazards be on their smart phones.

    • thenorthwindscookie

      There’s WAZE as well, free and downloadable in The App Store. Waze permits users to alert other users in the vicinity to traffic, weather, hazards and more. Go check it out – it’s worth it!

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