Sewage floods basements of about 10 homes in West Valley City

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – Nearly a dozen homes in West Valley City experienced raw sewage flooding Wednesday after a sewer line backed up.

Officials said so far the flooding has impacted about 10 homes in the area of 7011 West Hunter Dawn Way, but as more people come home from work there could be more reports of flooding in homes in the area. The houses that were flooded had between 2 and 6 inches of standing water in their basements.

A resident old FOX 13 News crews had been working to connect two sewer lines connecting multiple subdivisions, and that gravel and debris got into the line as a result and caused the backup.  Fire officials said employees from Granger-Hunter, the water utility company, are working to repair the line.

Homeowner Jason Davis said the flooding caused damage.

“Looking around it's just, you look at everything and think: It's just a mess,” he said.

Homeowner Jeremy Williamson also spoke about the frustrating situation.

He said: “It's the last thing you want to do, get a phone call saying ‘You gotta get home, your basement is being flooded with raw sewage.’ And no answers of why or how it happened.”

Utah Disaster Kleenup has been called, and their trucks have been observed going up and down the street this afternoon to help residents begin the processes of cleaning things up.

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