700-pound EMT now trying to save own life with yoga

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RICHMOND, Va. - Richard Widmark is on a mission. He's an EMT trained to save lives and now he is also trying to save his own life.

"It's just the way I was taught to cope with things by eating," Widmark said.

At age 38, Widmark is extremely obese, weighing close to 700 pounds.

Growing up, he was the bully in Middle school. But he dropped out in high school when he was bullied.

"As the years went by, I started losing friends, which made me have a lot more time to myself," Widmark said. "Then, my friends are getting married having kids and here's me — a big failure at life."

Widmark turned to food for comfort. And, as he packed on the pounds — he was ashamed to look at himself in the mirror.

"When you hate yourself so much, you wish to die — it's not just getting out of bed," Widmark said.

Widmark battled with his weight. And then depression, before he hit rock bottom.

"I got a gun, loaded it. I went down to the river, down in Richmond and sat in a position where once I pulled the trigger, I would fall in the river. Hopefully, nobody would ever find me again," Widmark said.

But Widmark's attempted suicide failed.

Now, he is going through a life-changing experience with yoga.

It's helped him enjoy a healthy diet, a good self-image and hobbies like editing home movies.

And Widmark says it's not so much about how much he loses. Instead, it's about him being healthy.

"I feel amazing for doing it. And I hope that everybody does yoga," Widmark said.

Widmark says he was diagnosed with diagnosed with diabetes. But after changing his diet, Widmark says he's no longer.

Friends of Widmark have set up a GoFundme account to help him go to Chicago to see Motivational speaker; the goal is to raise $3,000.

If you would like to help, you can see the GoFundMe page here.


  • bob

    “Widmark says he was diagnosed with diagnosed with diabetes. But after changing his diet, Widmark says he’s no longer.”

    Fox 13: I am available to write copy for you. You desperately need me.

    He had DOUBLE diabetes? And he’s “no longer” what? The sentence suggests he hasn’t gotten any longer.

  • FrankieG

    I’m happy for him that he’s now on the road to recovery. I’m not obese, but I can relate with the depression part. It’s not an easy condition to live with.
    It’s no surprise then, that people who have the condition are looking away from the medical community and looking for
    alternative treatments like homeopathy.

    There are also other methods that advocate diet and certain supplements as mentioned here http://depressionslaying.com

    Whatever it is, there needs to be more awareness about this, and hopefully from my input more people will take the
    initiative to learn about the illness and not be so quick to judge.

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