The Truth Is Out There: Report shows Utah counties with most UFO sightings

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SALT LAKE CITY — Ever since E.T. flew across the sky on a bicycle, aliens and UFOs have become a staple of American daydreams.

Some say they fly around in spaceships, looking for humans to kidnap and probe. Others believe they’re just satellites or military planes that are mistaken for something alien.

Whether you believe in extraterrestrials or not, there are some who are convinced of their existence-in fact, they claim to have seen them with their own eyes. Our data experts at FindTheHome collected information from the National UFO Reporting Center, an organization dedicated to the collection and dissemination of objective UFO data.

By running geospatial analysis on approximately 38,000 reports, FindTheHome was able to identify which counties in Utah have the most UFO sightings per 100K people. Grand County county has reported the most out-of-this-world objects per capita, with 129 UFO sightings per 100K people. It’s closely followed by Emery County, with 55 sightings per 100K people.


  • truth

    I think the the saddest think about ufo’s is that most people don’t believe in them. Well if there’s millions of planets out there with a moon that aliens base there technology at, u are lame to not realize the truth. Ufo’s are real and NASA stop going to the moon cause there on the moon.

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