Plans to build 3 new temples announced at LDS General Conference

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SALT LAKE CITY — Thomas S. Monson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, announced plans to build three new temples during Sunday morning’s session of General Conference.

Monson announced temples will be built in Bangkok, Thailand, Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

“What marvelous blessings are in store for our faithful members in these areas and indeed wherever temples are located throughout the world,” Monson said to a congregation of thousands.

There are currently 144 temples operating worldwide. To date, 29 temples have been announced or are under construction.

Members of the LDS Church consider temples to be “the house of the Lord” where they participate in sacred worship.

“The building of temples is a clear indication of growth of the Church,” Monson said.

There are more than 22,000 members residing in the Ivory Coast; in Haiti there are more than 19,000 and in Thailand about 18,000 members, according to church officials.


  • Vinn Howard Beazell

    Perhaps the greatest impact on the growth of the Church in this land-of-promisory notes…will be the discovery of HOW MANY ppl have already come here, not hearing the gospel in their own lands; the impact on the regular members in preparing their own children to serve in more than 400 missions – the greater number in foreign lands. NO MORE Extrajeros – NO MAS!!


      Membership in the LDS Church continues to spread around the world despite the best efforts of the advocary to stop it. The saints in the three areas mentioned in this story believe these new temples are an answer to their prayers.

      • Dustin

        “Advocary” or not, the “saints” in those places could handle a much less extravegant building than the LDS church uses for the houses of their lord. That deity claims to be happy with humble places, as long as good work is being done for the least of your brethren.

        How much will the LDS church spend on three great and spacious buildings while denying the poverty surrounding those buildings?

      • C'MON DUSTIN

        Obviously you do not understand the difference between an LDS meeting house and a temple. By-the-way Dustin, what have you personally done to help the poor and the homeless?

  • Dustin

    It’s heartening to know that amid the poverty and still-remaining damage in Haiti, members will finally be able to find refuge in a temple. Finally, they will be able to look towards the great building and be humbled by it’s spacious design.

  • Paul

    Let me start by saying I am, in no way, and active member of the Church. With that said … do a little research and see just how much the Church, as a whole, has done for Haiti. Have you been there? I have and it was a s*^t hole before the earthquake. Billions of dollars have poured into this cesspool since the earthquake and nothing changes. The corrupt politicians and government have gotten rich but the pain and suffering of it’s citizens goes on as it always has and always will. Expecting the Church to “rebuild” Haiti is putting responsibility where it doesn’t belong and really is quite a bigoted outlook. IMHO

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