What Pres. Obama and Gov. Herbert talked about in motorcade to SLC

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Pres. Obama invited Gov. Gary Herbert to ride in the motorcade with him to Salt Lake City Thursday night.

Gov. Herbert said they discussed Utah's Public Lands Initiative, Medicaid expansion and a few other topics.


  • mj

    Starting a campaign with my friends to write in to the White House and show our support for leaving the land in the Federal hands. Once Herbert gets his hands on that land, the public ill have no access to it forever….

    Also, hopefully Obama laid the law down to Herbert and the other legislative fools in this state and said either you cover the poor….or face your maker in fear.

    This state has the most uneducated fools with open mouths….

    • nobody

      Herbert is a rino. He just wants to go along to get along. Stand up to Obama and say no to the medicaid expansion, take control of Utah land, protect private property rights, reject common core and stop depending on the feds for anything. Try exercising the 10th amendment for once. Herbert will never do that.


    Gov. Herbert only managed to barely squeak past Peter Cooke in the last gubernatorial election 68.4% to 27.6%. With Mia Love in the US House of Representatives, and with the Republicans in control of both Houses of Congress Obama can’t even get Netanyahu to play ball with him.

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