Obama announces new clean energy initiatives in visit to Hill Air Force Base

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HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- President Barack Obama visited Hill Force Base Friday, where he delivered a brief speech on clean energy and related job creation.

"What I'm doing here today is to highlight the fact that the solar industry is actually adding jobs 10 times faster than the rest of the economy," Obama said. "Today, what we're gonna try to do is to build on the progress that's already been made. I'm announcing a new goal to train 75,000 workers to enter the solar industry by 2020."

Obama went on to speak about the creation of the Solar Ready Vets program.

"It's gonna train transitioning military personnel for careers in this growing industry at 10 bases, including right here at Hill," Obama said.

Obama also thanked the military and civilian personnel at HAFB for their work.

Click here to read a full transcript of Obama's speech at Hill Air Force Base.

State Democratic Party chair Peter Corroon and political activist Holly Richardson spoke with FOX 13 News' Max Roth about their take on the president's speech, see the video below for their comments.


    • Waaaaaaaaaa!

      When will you people stop complaining? If it was Bush that had travelled here, you wouldn’t bring up the cost, right? Sit down.

      • Sterling Wulff

        Waaaaaaaaaa is the PERFECT name for you…. after all that’s what uneducated babies do, isn’t it ???
        You’re OBVIOUSLY are one of the leftist BRAINWASHED people who can’t think for themselves while taking all you can in MY government freebies….. Time to change your diapers and grow up.

      • Richard Goodman

        I’m glad you felt this was a good way to spend $2-3 million of our money, to give an 8 minute speech with a photo op in front of a solar panel farm. He could have stayed home and had a solar panel farm “green screened” in behind him and done the speech from the oval office.

    • SAM

      Is that an amount you just came up with or did you find the cost of his trip here? Just wondering where you got your info. Thx.

      • Richard Goodman

        Not a problem. If you google it, you’ll find the that the current cost to fly Air Force 1 is about $228,000 an hour. 8 hours round trip from DC is about $1.8 million. But they bring in the support team a day or two earlier, and fly in the official vehicles for the motorcade. Not a clue what that ran, but I would guess somewhere around $110K Then you have all the overtime for the cops that provided security for the motorcade. The busses and dump trucks that they surrounded the Sheraton with. Add in 2-3 days of hotel rooms for his security detail and the support team, plus meals, and you’re somewhere over $2M for an 8 minute speech.

    • Zach

      Dick Goodman, you do realize Bush had the most visit to Utah, with a total visit count of 4. Mr Wulff, I love it when the right calls the left BRAINWASHED, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, but I digress, this is Utah….. go home to your plural marriage.

  • Sterling Wulff

    Now someone please help me as to WHY the prez. felt the need to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to come here and tell us his “brainstorm” plan to both create clean solar energy AND military jobs in solar power as he’s standing in front of 200,000 (approx.) sq. ft of solar panels already installed AT Hill AFB that supply 5% of the base’s energy ????
    Am I missing something here ???

    As we all know, Obama just doesn’t “show up” to tell us how good we’ve already been doing… So what was his REAL intention and agenda ????
    Maybe To STEAL millions of acres of our National parks to put under his government control like he’s already attempting to do ???

    Please people, don’t be starry eyed and wowed that our Communist-and Thief paid Utah a visit and aren’t we lucky…
    There’s a WHOLE LOT MORE to this than us being “honored” with his presence.

    Don’t be fooled and keep a sharp mind because SOMETHING is coming down ….. DO NOT take this dis-honorable visit at face value…
    Don’t we ALREADY know what obama is about ??

    • Cameron

      Wow. You aren’t unstable at all. Tell us some more stories cray cray! Did you make these up all by yourself? Original!

  • Matt

    Heck…He could have sat in the freaking Oval Office and taped something for YouTube instead of flying out here at $182,000.00 an HOUR just for AFOne. I’d like to have just a 10th of that so that I could buy a new car. I guess I should run out and get in line for Solar Training Program. Oh, wait, want to bet all his black, women and other minority friends will get all the jobs. I guess a few white folks will get some just so that Obama isn’t accused of reverse discrimination.

    • Stephanie

      I just feel terrible for all the poor unfortunate white men. They have had it so rough. I just can’t think of an instance in time where they had a break or a leg up to make it in this old world. Amazing they have come this far.

  • John

    So it’s really about closing military bases under the guise of creating solar energy jobs… I get it…

  • tdub

    You guys are dumb if you think he was here to just talk about solar power sure the presiden is going to come to a base that has some high clearance required aircrafts just to talk about solar power I’m really sure that’s all he did on base

  • Anke Cheney

    Where, and for whom, are these 75,000 newly trained workers going to be employed? I wonder if everyone is aware that 3 of the 4 largest solar energy companies are Chinese (Mainland/Beijing) and at least 50% of the remaining top 10 are as well. As an example of the somewhat corrupt nature of all this, the land that was in dispute in Nevada in the Bundy Ranch and Bureau of Land Management affair was supposed to become a Chinese-owned solar energy farm…a deal that was put together by Harry Reid’s son as the representative of the Chinese and the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, who happens to be the former senior adviser to Senator Harry Reid (Neil Kornze)…it had nothing to do with an endangered turtle that the Bureau had already ordered euthanized to make way for the Chinese. These are the folks who will be hiring, and I can’t see any of it boding well for anyone but Obama and his friends.

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