Utah ranks in the 18 least divorced states in America

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Sometimes it may seem more likely that you’ll win the lottery than have a lasting marriage.

More and more, the American public is bombarded with news of surprise breakups and cheating spouses, and many people still believe the myth that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. But according to a 2014 New York Times article, “The divorce rate peaked in the 1970s and early 1980s and has been declining for the three decades since. […] If current trends continue, nearly two-thirds of marriages will never involve a divorce.”

FindTheHome crunched the numbers to find the states that are leading this trend—who are not listening to the naysayers and skeptics. Here are the 18 states with the lowest percentage of divorced residents (out of the total population).

Note: The data was sourced from the 2013 American Community Survey (5-year estimate).

#18 | Iowa

Percent of divorced residents: 10.7
Population: 3,062,553

#17 | Connecticut

Percent of divorced residents: 10.6
Population: 3,583,561

#16 | North Carolina

Percent of divorced residents: 10.6
Population: 9,651,380

#15 | Wisconsin

Percent of divorced residents: 10.5
Population: 5,706,871

#14 | South Carolina

Percent of divorced residents: 10.4
Population: 4,679,602

#13 | Nebraska

Percent of divorced residents: 10.3
Population: 1,841,625

#12 | Virginia

Percent of divorced residents: 9.9
Population: 8,100,653

#11 | Minnesota

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Percent of divorced residents: 9.8
Population: 5,347,740

#10 | Illinois

Percent of divorced residents: 9.8
Population: 12,848,554

#9 | Maryland

IC: Bill Mill

Percent of divorced residents: 9.7
Population: 5,834,299

#8 | California

Percent of divorced residents: 9.6
Population: 37,659,181

#7 | Massachusetts

Percent of divorced residents: 9.5
Population: 6,605,058

#6 | Hawaii

Percent of divorced residents: 9.4
Population: 1,376,298

#5 | Pennsylvania

Percent of divorced residents: 9.3
Population: 12,731,381

#4 | Utah

Percent of divorced residents: 9.2
Population: 2,813,673

#3 | North Dakota

Percent of divorced residents: 9.2
Population: 689,781

#2 | New York

Percent of divorced residents: 8.6
Population: 19,487,053

#1 | New Jersey

Percent of divorced residents: 8.5
Population: 8,832,406


  • Lyle

    If anyone considered marrying bob…we all feel sorry for him or her. That person is probably crying for help to get away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      The wise man, Lyle, choses his first wife carefully. The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence, and the smart man isn’t looking for wife #2 ….. or #3. I’ve heard that those living an alternative lifestyle can tie the knot now. Good luck with your upcoming nuptials.

      • trevor

        My parents are both LDS. Both have been married/divorced 3 times. My wife’s parents were both LDS, one still is. Both of them have been divorced and remarried too. Religious people aren’t any better than non-religious. At least we don’t want to get married just to pop out kids and to experience the physical pleasures. My atheist relatives either are not married and do not have kids or are married (happily) and have kids. My grandparents were married and never divorced but they could barely stand each other. All of my grandparents were LDS till they died. They stayed married to each other because it was taboo to get a divorce back then, less than it is now. Nobody is perfect, not even the saints…


        How does that change my comment? The wise man choses his first wife carefully. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have to both work to make their marriage successful. After 45 years with wife #1 it is my observation that there are no shortcuts.

        As of October 2014 you are able to slip a wedding band on your significant other Trevor.

      • Paul

        Don’t listen to Bob. We all ignore him here. He is a complete idiot, just out to hurt anything. Poor guy.

      • miles (dave)

        paul. if your referring to anotherbob… well there are times he could use more tact with his comments but as brash as he can be sometimes that dosnt change the part where he is right.

        you have to admit like he said if you choose wisely, by doing things like dating a lot, selecting a partner because you agree on very important things, decide your self you will not be selfish and find someone who feels the same way, choose to communicate a lot and find someone who sees that is important too, be financially responsible, make and achieve goals that stretch both of you together, spend enough time having fun and working hard together, (in other words do all the basic, intelligent, wise, and practical things) then the chances of you divorcing hit the floor

        these things are true regardless of religion.


    Why is it that those who reject the idea of committed marriages have such a great need to belittle that way of life. There is nothing that compares with having a son or daughter tell you and their father that they love you as you tuck them into bed.

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