Ink enthusiasts gather for Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Tattoo artists, tattoo lovers and others are gathering in Salt Lake City this weekend for an annual event being held downtown.

The Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention is taking place through Sunday at the Salt Palace Convention Center, click here for details on the event, a schedule and ticket information.

FOX 13 News' photojournalist Aaron Kimbell was at the convention taking in the sights and sounds, see the video above for footage of the ink on display and comments from artists and their human canvasses.



    Tattoos define the man and woman. You just don’t see many refined cultured mature adults in tattoo parlors. Their interests are focused elsewhere.

    • BaneofBob

      You also don’t find many refined cultured mature adults commenting on every Fox News article, but…no exceptions here, I suppose.

      • JEWLZZZ

        We refer to tattoos placed on a woman’s lower back as tramp stamps. They go along with low cut jeans, and men view them as a sign of promiscuity. It says a lot about the women that get them and the men that approve of them. Wouldn’t you agree Baneofbob?


        Baneofbob says “you also don’t find many refined cultured mature adults commenting on every Fox News article”? Are you suggesting that comments from refined cultured mature adults that you don’t agree with should be censored?

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