19 kids in Summit Co. diagnosed with whooping cough despite being up to date on vaccinations

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PARK CITY, Utah -- A whooping cough outbreak is causing concern in Summit County as 19 children have been diagnosed, and it's the first time in years Park City schools have seen a case of pertussis.

Officials said all of the children who have been diagnosed were vaccinated against the illness.

"It has been a very busy week, very busy week here, a lot of people coming in to be tested," said Dr. Alison Delgado with Summit Pediatrics.

Delgado tested dozens of children for whooping cough in the last week. According to the Summit County Department of Health, there are 19 confirmed cases of the highly contagious illness in Park City, and all of the children infected are up to date on their vaccinations.

"A lot of people want to know why their child is getting it because they're vaccinated, and it has to do a lot with the vaccine; it's not a 100 percent, however it is about 90 to 95 percent effective," said Carolyn Rose, who is a nursing director for the Summit County Department of Health.

What starts with cold-like symptoms quickly escalates into a severe cough. Rose said since the children were immunized, the illness won't hit them as hard and they aren't as contagious.

"They would be a lot worse and they would have more than the typical whoop, as in the whooping cough, and more severe illness--and infants who can't tolerate it as well, and people who are immuno-compromised would be a lot sicker," Rose said.

Doctors said this is a good reminder for parents to stay up to date on immunizations.

"It's been a very busy week, kind of stressful for everybody in the community, so I'm hoping it does settle down soon," Delgado said.


  • Amelia

    The vaccine is NOT 90-95% effective. Back in 1990 it may have been that effective. The vaccine protects against pertactin-positive strains. Most of the strains today are pertactin-negative. We’re going to see many more cases in the vaccinated population until a new vaccine is available. This false sense of security could be dangerous to children because parents might think, well my child was vaccinated, it can’t be pertussis. The word has to get out that the vaccine isn’t working.

    • Lillith Avonlea

      If you are alpha-1 deficient, catching the whooping cough can give you COPD without ever smoking. I’d vaccinate.

    • Stephen

      I personally think that with how man people getting pertussis who have been vaccinated that we likely have a new strain of this virus, one that the current vaccine no longer work works against. It isn’t just this outbreak either, others have had high numbers of vaccinated children and adults get infected with pertussis. Many adult and older adolescent cases go unreported because they are mistaken for bad colds. I don’t think the CDC and the vaccine makers want to admit the truth about the low effectiveness rate of this vaccine. If the immunity and vaccine effectiveness wane over time, which has been mentioned in other articles about this vaccine is true, there is also a high percentage of the adult population which is no longer immune to pertussis.

      • Hilary Butler.

        it’s not just vaccine ineffectiveness. In the medical literature, if you track down Dr James Cherry’s articles on whooping cough, he talks about original antigenic sin, and how the pertussis vaccine changes the immune system in an adverse way. There are about three articles where he talks about that. But the practical outworking of that, is that vaccinated adults, when they come into contact with whooping cough, their bronchial immunity doesn’t toss out the bacteria quickly.

        Instead, they remain subclinical carriers, and actually spread it because their body can’t get rid of it.

        The only practical study looking at this was done by warfel on the only animal model which is the same as humans when it comes to whooping cough. There has been resounding silence since this study was published


        In practice, what that means, is that the vaccine is actually causing the current pertussis, because everyone who has had whooping cough naturally, throws off the bacteria very fast, but those who are vaccinated, just spread it around without realising they are a constant source of infection.

  • Wesley

    So……… Vaccines are 100% chance of immunization? Would have been nice to know! And I’m sorta going to opt out of doing vaccines, thank god I’m Canadian!

      • Shan

        No it against he Charter of right and freedoms. A couple of province give that impression that kids must be vaccinated to attend public schools…but all the parent actually has to do is sign a form acknowledging that their child is not vaccinated.

    • Doc

      What your link says is the program to vaccinate adults to prevent kids from getting the disease was ineffective. It wasn’t a repudiation of pertussis vaccine in children. Good lord, I thought you Aussies knew how to read.

  • Phil

    I love how the pull these random numbers out of thin air. Smh.. 95%..
    please. Spare us the regurgitation from the cdc statistical dart board.

  • Sarah White

    Cognitive dissonance- Carolyn Rose the woman being interviewed doesn’t get the vaccine is likely causing the outbreak not just preventing it. Non immunized, non infected kids should stay home?? Don’t you mean recently vaccinated who may pass the illness along at school? Those kids should stay home. Backwards logic.

    • suizou

      Exactly. Vaccines are live viruses and they shed, causing disease where there was none. Sure keeps the industry in bank.

    • Mariya

      The package inserts, none of which claim the vaccines to be safe btw, say that you can be contagious after vaccination, yet most doctors say kids can go to school just fine after vaccination, which makes you wonder if they read the package inserts. They don’t provide them to the parents, that’s for sure. Plus who is testing on the viral strain in these infections? Where is that information?

      • Mariya

        Bacterial strain in this case, sorry. But in other infections as well, who is testing and where is the data?

  • Elizabeth

    Even da Gubmint knows the vax doesn’t work

    • Jose E Garcia (@Obdurat)

      Reading comprehension skills.

      “The FDA sent out a press release to warn …the DTaP vaccine can cause those who receive it to become asymptomatic carriers” No, it did not. They did not say it “caused” anything. It says both of the vaccines mentioned protect from the illness, yet (as common sense dictates) if you take the weaker of the 2 vaccines AND someone infects you with the bacteria at some time in the future, it will take longer for your body to defeat the bacteria versus someone who had taken the stronger vaccine.

  • blackh3art2014

    This article is backpedaling at its finest. The Pertussis vaccine is not 90% effective. Those vaccinated are contagious and the vaccine does not lessen the severity of the virus. The only truth in this article is that the vaccine failed.

    • Jose E Garcia (@Obdurat)

      “Those vaccinated are contagious…” where is this statement coming from? All those who have the bacteria will be contagious for some time. The vaccine is not a magic wand, being vaccinated means if you get the bacteria (in the case of pertussis) you’ll have a strong immune response and you won’t get sick as your body will be able to “defeat” the bacteria.

      In the days/weeks that you have the bacteria in your systems it is logical to conclude you could pass along the bacteria to the irresponsibly un-vaccinated or those too young to receive vaccines. Common sense, nothing new.

  • Dorito Reiss

    crystal ball medicine at it’s finest!
    “Rose said since the children were immunized, the illness won’t hit them as hard and they aren’t as contagious.” Aren’t as contagious? What? You are either contagious or you are not contagious. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to know how mild or severe an illness will be until it is contracted. The state of the immune system has more to do with that than an ineffective vaccine. That line about it being less severe because of the vaccine is just a line of bull sold to parents to keep them coming back for more poison!

  • casandra

    How is this a reminder to get your children vaccinated? These children were vaccinated and still caught the illness it was supposed to protect them from… just like the majority of people who have recently come down with the measles. Being vaccinated does not mean you cannot catch the illness you were vaccinated against…

  • Mie

    Just simply say that the vaccine did not work . It is known not to work . Would the illness have been worse without vaccine ? No way of knowing but probably not . Vaccines do not give immunity and are dangerous. Just read the inserts and use some common sense . Why would you vaccinate a child with a dangerous product that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do ? Is the only reason because ‘ they ‘ say so or ‘ everybody else ‘ does it ?
    Best wishes to the affected families .

  • Dave

    Physicians and public health officials know that recently vaccinated individuals can spread disease and that contact with the immunocompromised can be especially dangerous. For example, the Johns Hopkins Patient Guide warns the immunocompromised to “Avoid contact with children who are recently vaccinated,” and to “Tell friends and family who are sick, or have recently had a live vaccine (such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, intranasal influenza, polio or smallpox) not to visit.”1

    A statement on the website of St. Jude’s Hospital warns parents not to allow people to visit children undergoing cancer treatment if they have received oral polio or smallpox vaccines within four weeks, have received the nasal flu vaccine within one week, or have rashes after receiving the chickenpox vaccine or MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.2

  • Dave

    Scientific fraud is so common in the vaccine industry, it’s practically the default business model. The truth is that most vaccines don’t work, so in order to make them appear to work, researchers routinely spike blood samples of vaccinated test subjects with antibodies, making it appear the vaccine caused the body to produce those antibodies.

  • Think About It

    “They would be a lot worse…” if they hadn’t been vaccinated? You mean, like all of the unvaccinated kids who didn’t catch it? Yeah, not having it at all is “a lot worse”. smh

  • chez

    Rose said since the children were immunized, the illness won’t hit them as hard and they aren’t as contagious.like to see the scientific proof on that

  • Leclem

    “They would be a lot worse and they would have more than the typical whoop, as in the whooping cough, and more severe illness–and infants who can’t tolerate it as well, and people who are immuno-compromised would be a lot sicker,”
    And you base that statement on what scientific fact by the way ???

  • rjaffeux

    This is BS. The vaccinated ones have it and are spreading to others who have been. This proves that the vaccinated are the ones spreading and the vaccinations are not protecting as well as we thought. So we are potentially exposing them to toxins and not protecting from what we thought.

  • Max

    Fact check much? 90 to 95% effective? From the vaccine insert: “After 3 doses, the absolute protective efficacy of INFANRIX against WHO-defined typical pertussis (21 days or more of paroxysmal cough with infection confirmed by culture and/or serologic testing) was 84% (95% CI: 76, 89). ”

    Retraction, please.

  • Thompson

    And so we just had a cluster of all of those kids that fall into the 5-10% unprotected, all together at roughly the same time, and got a mini-epidemic. My how we strain our brains to fit the square peg into the round hole. Your paradigm is failing.

  • Toby Monte

    This vaccine is not effective and they have known this for years. Unfortunately, it is not JUST not effective, it is harmful. There are better ways to make children healthy, to strengthen their immune systems, without injecting them with these viruses and toxins. This is the story of what happened to my three children, non-vaccinated, during a whooping cough epidemic in the late 90s. http://blogs.naturalnews.com/happened-non-immunized-children-whooping-cough-broke/

  • barbara j

    Amelia is correct, the cases are pertactin negative, getting a shot for pertussis will not protect. Where are the cases that the shot does protect against, I don’t believe we’ve had any for two years in this country.

  • NWO Reporter

    “They would be a lot worse and they would have more than the typical whoop, as in the whooping cough, and more severe illness–and infants who can’t tolerate it as well, and people who are immuno-compromised would be a lot sicker,” Rose said.

    Is this some kind of psychic prediction? There is no evidence to back that up whatsoever. Nothing more than a shameless attempt to reinforce the failing vaccine paradigm.

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