Two first graders accused of forcing girl to perform sex acts

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TOLEDO, Ohio – Two first graders in Ohio have been accused of forcing a little girl to perform sexual acts.

The alleged actions took place while the seven-year-old girl was on a bathroom break with other students, WTOL reported.

The victim’s mother told WTOL she didn’t want to be identified but said she was livid about the situation.

The school told the mother her seven-year-old daughter was forced to behave inappropriately by two other students, which she said her daughter later claimed was true.

WTOL reported that the alleged suspects were first graders.

The school told WTOL they have fired the teacher who was responsible for the students at the time of the incident. The school said the teacher did not follow the bathroom policy of watching students while in the restroom.

WTOL reported that the school has since changed their bathroom policy to only allow one child inside the bathroom at a time. The school also issued a statement to address the incident:

“We’ve been made aware with the situation that involves like age children and due to the sensitivity of the matter because of the ages of the children the incident is still under investigation. We’re not at liberty to discuss further details, but additional policies have been put into place to ensure the continued safety of our children. ”

The school has also hired a psychologist to work with the students involved, but the alleged victim’s mother said her daughter is scared and will not return to school until something more is done.


  • Mimi

    People!! Teach your children what is inappropriate and not! But really, what is wrong with kids now a days?

  • Russell Nielsen

    These kids definitely need therapy, however they only mimic what they have seen done or is done to them, so i hope there is a larger investigation going on here. Also why fire the teacher? The teacher wasn’t involved, and it seems sketchy to have a “watch kids while they go to the bathroom policy” that seems like it is opening the teachers up for a lawsuit either way. If that was the actual policy they would need 2-3 teachers/aides to watch kids go to the bathroom all day long otherwise the teachers would be out of the classroom and leaving 30 kids alone at a time.

    • cathy foor

      I Agree why fire the Teacher? She had nothing to do with it, there is something more going on,and COME ON in my schools Kids have a bathroom break and they all go the same time while the teacher is right there. Something WRONG IS GOING ON THERE

  • Terri Lynn

    THE SCHOOL NEEDS TO NOTIFY THE POLICE AND CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVIES! Obviously the two 1st graders have been exposed to this type of thing themselves…WT—

  • Ryan

    What makes me wonder about this issue is why does the school have to watch the kids in the bathroom were I am from my kids go on a bathroom break without having to be baby sat what else is going on in this school

  • Amber

    This kind of thing happens more often than you think. Not sure why they fired the teacher, unless it was an aide specifically hired to follow around an emotionally disturbed child. I taught in high risk schools, and we didn’t follow kids to the bathroom.

  • babylove777

    I don’t think it was right to fire the teacher. ..
    What they should of. Done was called child services and question their parents on why 2 FIRST GRADERS WOULD ACT THAT WAY … WHAT ARE THEY SEEING AT HOME ? THEY MUST HAVE SOME ISSUES THESE KIDS TOO EARLY AGE TO BED ACTING LIKE THAT SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT … I feel bad for the lil girl and i hope to God she gets passed this and i don’t blame the mom for not bringing her daughter back anytime soon …
    I’m so disgusted by this … they should do some kind of punishment on these kids if they were mature enough to do and think about this they should be mature enough take take some consequences for their actions

  • Linda

    Why is it always the teacher the first the first to be blamed. I worked in an elementary school. Kids go to the bathroom at the same time. Boys try and sneak in girls. It’s not the teachers fault let’s blame the right parties, The children and their parents! How about a little discipline. No where in the story does it say that these children where disciplined.

  • Bo

    This article has the facts different from the original one. The original one states the little girl initiated the contact. I still don’t understand what is going on at that school though… The way they responded seems off.

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