Fraternity chapter ceases operations at USU after former president accused of sexual abuse

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LOGAN, Utah -- The former president of a Utah State University fraternity has been arrested in connection with sexual abuse, and now the local fraternity chapter has ceased operations other than general meetings. The suspect, Ryan Wray, was arrested Tuesday by Logan City Police on one count of suspicion of forcible sex abuse.

The alleged abuse took place at the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house located on 757 East 700 North.

According to Logan City Police, Wray admitted to groping three different female USU students on three separate occasions during frat parties inside the Pi Kappa Alpha house, dating back to October. However, only one of these students has decided to speak with police.

That student told police that she had passed out after drinking at a party and woke up to Wray sexually abusing her.

"We began to take immediate action ourselves, obviously those are serious allegations, and any time there are allegations of sexual improprieties we take immediate action," said Tim Vitale, who is a Utah State University spokesman.

Wray was the president of Pi Kappa Alpha during the 2013-2014 school year. It was actually his responsibility to make sure these exact types of incidents do not occur, according to police.

"We have communicated with Mr. Wray and asked him to come into an administrative hearing to discuss the incident and we haven't heard back from him yet," Vitale said.

FOX 13 News attempted to speak with members of the fraternity but they had no comment.

As for Wray, his student status has yet to be determined.

"There is a due process that's outlined in the student code that has to do with student conduct, so we will wait to hear from him and continue with the due process," Vitale said.

Wray has bailed out of jail. He is expected to be formally charged in First District Court within the next day or two.

The fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha could also face disciplinary action. The fraternity was suspended in 2012 when a 17-year-old girl had to be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Wednesday, Pi Kappa Alpha issued a statement on behalf of the international fraternity and said that they have concurred with the local chapter's decision to suspend Wray. The press release stated that the "Chapter has voluntarily ceased operations, other than general meetings, and will continue to cooperate with local authorities and their investigation."

Justin A. Buck, The Fraternity's Executive Vice President, issued a statement in the press release: "I am extremely disappointed to learn of Mr. Wray’s unacceptable and illegal behavior. I am proud of the young men of Gamma Epsilon who took decisive action to hold Mr. Wray accountable for his actions.”

The release adds that professional staff from the fraternity's headquarters provided education and training to the lcoal chapter regarding sexual assault prevention, "as it has done with all of its chapters throughout the current academic year consistent with the Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative."



    Someone thinks it might be a good idea to drink so much that they pass out? It doesn’t excuse the abuser’s actions but why would anybody put themselves in such a situtation in the first place?

    • Pat

      There you go again, Bob! Always finding a way to shame and blame the woman! I almost want to applaud your persistent woman-blaming commenting.

      • bob

        He is criminally responsible for his actions. She is merely responsible for her own actions.

        Everyone knows why frat boys invite girls to get drunk at the frat house. She knew it. Challenging criminals to victimize you is not the smartest move. They will usually do it.


        There is a vast difference Pat between refined cultured women and those who aren’t. The women in my circle of friends don’t get sloppy drunk, don’t sleep around, and are selective about the men they marry.

        Some men know the difference between the fragrance of an orchid and the stench from the landfill.

      • DiannaP

        Wow anotherbob. Cool story. Glad to head about the types of women you hangout with. mind telling me what you had for dinner too?

      • DiannaP

        No Anotherbob, my comment suggests that nobody cares about the type of people you hangout with. But it is nice to know you have real-life friends.

      • JEWLZZZ

        Do you condone women who get drunk and pass out in a frat house DIANNAP? Bob and Anotherbob got it right.

  • Reba

    Anytime you get a group of people together there are dumb ones in the bunch. Could be a club, a team, coworkers, church group. what ever….some people do dumb things. It’s not exclusively “a frat” thing.

    • bob

      Frats attract those kind of people for precisely this reason. No boy joins a frat because he DOESN’T want to party and have access to drunk girls.

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