Woman posts rant on another mother’s parenting, internet fights back

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WARNING: Woman’s rant contains strong, violent language that could be upsetting to some viewers.

TOMBALL, Texas – The internet seems to be one of the top places for people to make their feelings known.

No matter what happens, you will find someone’s opinion about it online.

It is exactly where one Texas woman went to post a video criticizing another woman’s parenting.

Her video quickly went viral and the responses came in just as fast and even more harsh.

“There’s nothing wrong with that child, it just needs to be beat,” the woman who claims to be Kathleen Smith said in the video.

The YouTube video of the woman ranting about a child misbehaving in a grocery store has thousands of views.

“This child starts screaming,” she said in the video. “I’m talking the blood curdling, veins popping, it was bizarre.”

She goes on to explain how frustrated she became watching the child with a parents in the store.

“I just had to take a minute and pray to the baby Jesus because I’m telling you, I almost walked that woman over to the wooden spoons and showed her how to get that s*** under control,” she said.

Smith went on to say there are ways to stop that kind of behavior and some of her ideas may surprise you.

“There are two answers to this; kill it, give it away or leave it at home,” she said.

The woman continues with more strong language.

“I just said a small prayer, ‘Please Jesus, let there be something wrong with that child that makes it do that because if not, I would like to know why that woman has not beaten the f*** out of that kid yet.'”

Dozens of people are now sounding off about their disgust with the video.

If you’re wondering if Smith may be regretting her rant, one statement in her video answers that.

“I’m not sorry for anything I’ve said.”


  • Sara Bruce

    You need some pms meds.. you the one that needs help! Really you said this….
    “There are two answers to this; kill it, give it away or leave it at home,” she said.

      • Joyce Coleman

        Ouch….hillbilly!!! This wasn’t the rant of a hillbilly. It was the rant of a judgmental woman who never had or who has forgotten how toddlers and kids act out, even in the best of families. Not everyone is rich enough to hire a baby sitter in order to run errands. The next time, bow your head and thank God it wasn’t your child. And slip in a prayer for this tired, embarrassed, sleep-deprived Mom who was having a very bad day.

  • bob

    Save us from white trash……

    Baby Jesus wants you to beat people up in grocery stores? You inbred mouth-breather. Get help.

  • Mimi

    Let her have her rant and have her opinion. Yes, some of the things she said were shocking and way out of line, but people need to just ignore it.

  • scar

    She is just the worst kind of person! If you think this is bad you should see her “apology” on her YouTube channel (another commenter posted a link) she says the only effective thing to do is beat them and put fear into them and planting trees and recycling are a waste of time so stop teaching them that. SHE is whats wrong with the world today not a toddlers tantrum. I don’t love to hear a kid screaming in the store any more than the next person but if she truly believed in Jesus she wouldn’t judge….

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