Logan woman sentenced for faking brain tumor

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LOGAN, Utah — A Logan woman who pleaded guilty to fraud for faking a terminal illness and soliciting thousands of dollars in donations was given her sentence Tuesday.

Lesley Jensen has been ordered to pay $27,000 in restitution and spend a year in jail for defrauding citizens of the city of Nibley.

“What she’s done is a great big lie, and that lie has just rifted through our community,” said Cache County Attorney James Swink.

Logan police said Jensen pretended that she had Grade 4 Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, and used the ruse to raise money. One of the fundraisers was held on November 3, 2014 at Cafe Sabor, a Logan restaurant where Jensen worked as a server. Some of Jensen’s fellow servers donated their tips in her name to an organization called Cache Valley for Hope Foundation.

“She was a good employee and friend to us here at Cafe Sabor. It was, we were saddened by the news and shocked as sure everyone else was,” said Skler Parkhurst, a Manager at Cafe Sabor, in an interview last year.

Donations were also made to an organization called Cache County Cares for Cancer. A GoFundMe.com page was also used to raise at least $3,040 for Jensen before it was taken down.



    A year in jail will send a message to others thinking to do the same thing. Paying back $27,000 is going to be tough. That would be $225 a month for 10 years if they let her string it out that long.

  • Mom to two angels

    She made a mistake. Did you see the way she was shaking in court? I think that society needs to forgive her. If people made a donation, and they want to ask for it back, let her pay restitution. Otherwise who is she going to pay back? And this is going to hurt her relationship with her daughter. I think she is paying a high enough price. I will not hold grudges against her. I hope she finds mental health help, and can put a successful life back together.

  • Tommy Wiseu

    Do you think she might fake another terminal illness in order to raise money to pay her fines off?
    That would be classic.

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