‘I didn’t touch no kids’ Sex offender hired as mall Easter Bunny

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GREENSBURG, Pa. – Parents are demanding answers after learning that a registered sex offender worked as the Easter Bunny at a Pennsylvania mall.

He was fired after three days on the job and now he’s speaking out about what happened.

“I can understand, you know, where they’re coming from, about them being upset. But what a lot of people need to realize is, you know, I wasn’t put in jail for touching little kids,” said Michael Paul Jacobs.

Jacobs worked at Westmoreland Mall as the Easter Bunny. 

“My case — it revolved around having consensual sex when I was a teenager myself, with another teenager,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs was convicted in two different cases of having sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 19.

“Because I’m on Megan’s Law, everybody looks at me different, and this is where I have trouble getting a job. And just, I didn’t touch no kids or anything like that.”

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Credit: CNN

Jacobs says he never hid his convictions when he applied for the Easter Bunny job, just that it just never came up.

“They didn’t ask for my background on the application that I filled out. It didn’t say anything about a criminal background,” Jacobs said.

A spokesman for Westmoreland Mall said Cherry Hill Photo Enterprise leases space to take Easter photos in the mall.

The mall said in a news release, “It is regrettable that one of their local employees failed to follow their stringent background screening procedures.”

As for Jacobs, he’s out of work again.

“I think it’s messed up that people judge me for me just being on that site, basically,” he said.



    I totally support Megan’s Laws and the associated offender registries. Knowing he was on this registry I question why he would seek employment as a Easter Bunny.


    Didn’t anybody bother to explain to Jacobs that you can’t have “consensual $ex” with a minor? The 15-year girl in this story was the victim.

    • yetanotherbob

      But you can marry someone as young as 16 in Utah for some weird reason. When you turn 18 it shouldn’t be assigned that you all of a sudden act like a grown-up.


        The girl in this story was 15 YETANOTHERBOB. Looks like this Easter Bunny needs to hop into some other line of work that doesn’t involve children.

    • Hamish

      You should be put to death for stupidity.
      Many “children” who are 15 years old are already sexually active and married, as it has been throughout history.
      We may judge the relations of a 15 and 19 year old person to be inappropriate as rational persons, but to forever stain the life of a 19 year old boy by one act that society deems inappropriate speaks volumes to how sick and diseased this country has become.
      And you StinkyPete are part of the problem.


        You got it all wrong Hamish. $ex with a 15-year old minor isn’t inappropriate, in the State of Utah is a third degree felony. You know that ….. right?

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