Family says 5-year-old’s cancer cured after obeying doctor’s orders

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A 5-year-old British boy, whose parents were arrested last year for pulling him out of a hospital, now appears to be cancer-free.

A family spokesman says Ashya King underwent Proton Therapy in the Czech Republic and has been clear of brain cancer for months.

King’s cancer treatment became the subject of much scrutiny as he was at the center of a fight between doctors and his family.

Eventually, it ended in an international manhunt for his parents.

Brett and Naghemeh King were arrested in Spain after leaving a hospital in Britain against doctors’ orders.

After Ashya had his brain tumor removed, his parents wanted to follow up with Proton Therapy instead of the usual course of radiation.

Proton Therapy targets cancer cells with proton radiation. His parents believed regular radiation was too aggressive and could result in serious side effects.

Police say the family, including Ashya’s six siblings, left the United Kingdom for Sprain last fall. Then, they traveled to the Czech Republic for treatment.

They say they are hesitant to return to Britain for fears they could be arrested.

However, British officials say they will not arrest the couple.

An oncologist overseeing Ashya’s treatment told CNN that he remains cautiously optimistic. However, he says there is a high chance of recurrence.

Doctors say Ashya is now able to say a few words and can walk by himself.


  • bob

    “Cured” says the headline. “High chance of recurrence” says the story.

    He is in remission, which means his cancer has been reduced to undetectable levels. “Cured” means it’s completely gone. Oncologists never say “cured” because it’s impossible to prove. Sadly, this little lad will almost certainly suffer a relapse.

  • miles (dave)

    sounds like this law needs to be revised. there is a need for laws to exist that discourage parents from being neglectful to there childrens health, but it sounds like they were accused of being neglectful and were not.

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