Will Ferrell suggests getting rid of fraternities

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Will Ferrell

AUSTIN– He’s known as a funny guy, but actor/comedian Will Ferrell had some serious issues he addressed during a New York Times Q & A session at South by Southwest this year.

When asked about fraternities and the recent incident at the University of Oklahoma, he’s what Ferrell had to say:

“The incident in Oklahoma, that is a real argument for getting rid of the system altogether, in my opinion, even having been through a fraternity. Because when you break it down, it really is about creating cliques and clubs and being exclusionary. Fraternities were started as academic societies that were supposed to have a philanthropic arm to them. And when it’s governed by those kind of rules, then they’re still beneficial. But you gotta be careful. I was lucky in that the one I was in, we were really kind of the anti-fraternity fraternity…. But I think it’s an interesting dilemma for universities these days.”

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