Climate change top issue that separates Dems, Republicans, expert says

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Declaring his intent to run for president in 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican, is already taking fire for his stance on climate change. Cruz has said he does not believe there is proof humans are to blame for global warming.

"There's many of our leaders and our politicians who feel that they have to say climate change isn't real in order to be electable," said Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, visiting Salt Lake City to talk about faith and its role in climate action.

"I do not believe in climate change," Hayhoe said. She is quick to clarify. "There's over 26,500 independent indicators of a warming climate. So climate change isn't a belief, it's the explanation that fits the facts."

But there is another indicator that according to Hayhoe may play a bigger role in politics. Referring to a recent study she says shows the top issues that separate Democrats from Republicans.

"The number two issue, climate change. Number four, do you trust scientists," Hayhoe said.


  • bob

    That’s a symptom. The disease is the gullibility of Democrat sheep. The climate IS changing. It is always changing. Always has, always will, and sometimes it changes suddenly and drastically.

    Absolutely nothing is happening that hasn’t happened several times since humans began paying attention and writing things down.

  • bob

    I don’t trust “scientists” with paid agendas. I trust REAL science.

    The head of the International Panel on Climate Change, one of the “consensus”, is a railroad engineer with no formal training in climate science. He is also a part time, published p o r n author and has been forced to stop down because of s e x u a l harassment issues.

    Meanwhile, one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, and the only one of the original Greenpeace gurus with an actual science background, has said that the whole thing is RELIGION, backed by politicians, corporations looking to get their fingers into the public treasury, and a Media that loves to create and maintain controversy.

    But last time I checked the sea level was right where it’s been for the entire 50 years I’ve been on the Earth. No change. That’s the trouble with any apocalyptic religion: Eventually you have to produce an actual apocalypse or people start to question your whole premise.

  • benwelgoed

    Not sure if FOX still makes it as Denial Central, or if that role is still reserved for The Heartland Institute, or if Breitbart has overtaken that ‘laudable’ anti-science position, but what is certain is that comments here by “Bob” are highly slanted towards spreading anti-science misinformation and topnotch hoowee. But Bob, like others who can see Alaska from their back porch, has a truly self-serving fantasy that he can sense with his own eyes what realists takes consistent careful measurements, sophisticated satellites and numerous sensors spread around the world. In that light Bob’s vision is no more than sheer fantasy.
    The scientists who do their painstaking work on the other hand have published peer reviewed data and papers. What does Bob have besides an inkling and a wet nose? Nothing, Nada, Zilch. Well OK, maybe a back porch.


    Back in the day the smartest men on the planet, execpt one, believed that the world was flat and if you got to close to the edge you’d fall off. Al Gore would have nodded his head in agreement.


        I’m smart enough to understand that the major source of polution in this world comes from China, and unlike yourself I’m smart enough not to believe Chicken Little’s warning that “the sky is falling”. You know the story don’t you Lyle?

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