Police: Mother of young girl killed in ATV crash faces charges after testing positive for drugs

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Necole Anderson speaks to FOX 13 News after the ATV crash that left her daughter dead.

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – More than a month after a 9-year-old girl was killed in an all-terrain vehicle crash, police have confirmed the girl’s mother tested positive for drugs at the time of the crash and the woman now faces charges that include automobile homicide.

According to information from the Tooele City Police Department, a blood sample taken from Necole Anderson at the time of the ATV crash that killed 9-year-old Caessea Anderson was taken to a laboratory and tested positive for marijuana and Valium.

The press release from police states that so far police have not been able to confirm if Anderson had a prescription for Valium, and they stated that their report has been forwarded to the Tooele County Attorney’s Office for the charges of automobile homicide as a third-degree felony, operating an off-highway vehicle on a street or highway, and two misdemeanor counts for minors riding the ATV without helmets.

Formal charges have not yet been filed.

Caessea Anderson

Caessea Anderson

Caessea was killed in early February when the ATV she and her mother and sister were riding on struck a barbed wire fence in the family’s front yard.

After the crash, Necole Anderson spoke to FOX 13 News. She said in February that Caessea had asked to drive and that she had let her, despite knowing the, “4-wheeler was too big for her.”

She said in February that they had ridden many times but this time couldn’t maintain control.

“I tried to turn but we hit that rock right there and it threw us into the fence,” Necole Anderson said in February.

Necole and Dustee Anderson in February 2015.

Necole and Dustee Anderson in February 2015.

The barbed wire hit the young girl in the neck. Her older sister, Dustee Anderson, spoke about the crash.

“She stood up and she was like, ‘mom my neck,’ and then she tried talking and she couldn’t,” Dustee said in February.

None of the three had helmets on.


  • Matt

    That explains a great deal. Too bad she had to lose her child to understand she has a real drug problem. I’m betting that this event probably will not change a thing.

  • Tiffany

    All of you should be ashamed. It states in her system, not active in her system. And here you are judging. You don’t know her, her family, the situation. Stop posting negative comments on things you know very little about. She’s not an alcoholic, she’s not a druggie, she’s not a bad parent. Her kids are her whole life and your stupid comments should be kept to yourselves. STOP JUDGING.

    • Hunter

      She put her child on an atv without a helmet and had Valium and marijuana in her system. Pick one or the other, bad choice, both = bad parenting. I recently had reconstructive surgery on my leg and foot and I will not take any pain medication when I’m caring for my child, it dulls and slows the senses but my child is worth putting up with a little pain

  • marc

    So let me get this straight!
    The people with marijuana medical card’s can drive and them that don’t , can’t? Lol. Doe’s that card make them legal or just a better driver!

  • Yvonne

    I think all of you who judge her must have a lot more to hide than she did. I’m sorry she paid the ultimate price and has to deal with it for the rest of her life. I don’t think marijuana makes her a addict. I was always told unless you live in a glass house don’t cast stone’s. Your not god so don’t judge other’s she made a mistake, let her learn from it.

  • Yvonne

    I’ve seen people who intentionally hurt their kids get off with slap on the wrist. She will live with this forever, don’t judge till you become god. I know her she isn’t a bad person and her daughter was my granddaughters friend. Grow up we are not the one who lives that day over in our life daily.

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