Eva Mendes says sweatpants are leading cause of divorce

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Actress Eva Mendes has a little relationship advice to America’s ladies: lose the sweatpants.

Mendes told “Extra” that she never wears them even when she’s just relaxing around the house. Why? She says they’re the biggest cause of divorce.

She says you can’t keep love alive while lounging around- so it’s important to keep up your feminine style at home too.

Mendes is dating Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling. The couple welcomed their first child last year.

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  • Mimi

    I’m going to take that with a grain of salt. Who made her a marriage expert? Does she have a degree in psychology? Not likely. I can tell you that wearing sweat pants around the house especially in the evening is no different from wearing pajama pants. If your husband divorces over wearing comfortable clothes, than he’s a deuch bag and doesn’t deserve your devotion anyway.

  • Bobfurapples

    I agree with her 100%!
    I never wear out in public anything that I’d wear to bed unless I’m exercising. I don’t let my children or my husband, either.
    Why wouldn’t you show the person you love the same respect as you would anyone else: I.e. looking nice around the house!
    I wish it was like the old days when a women never left the house without her hat, gloves, and lipstick.


    Eva Mendes speaks in terms of relationships and not long lasting marriages. Relationships don’t hold a candle to the ever decreasing marriages that last through the decades where the foundation is built on love and respect and not physical appearances.

  • kryssiecat

    What she’s saying is the key to keeping your marriage alive is to always look pretty for your husband and every item of clothing you wear should be for his benefit. Give me a break.

    • miles (dave)

      amen. the leading causes of divorce are (in no particular order)

      1 marriage
      2 financial hardships (which stress everyone out and turn small things into bigger things)
      3 selfishness
      4 lack of communication


    Eva Mendes has never married, has a daughter with her shack up boy friend, has no clue as to what it takes to make a lasting marriage, and decides that must make her an expert on the subject.

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