‘You’re kidding!’ Priceless reactions when family discovers newborn girl is a boy

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BELLEVILLE, Mich. – A couple from Michigan got an unexpected surprise when they welcomed their newborn baby into the world earlier this month.

According to their post on YouTube, a sonographer had told Kyle and Danielle Williams they were having a girl. The couple decided to name her Charlee.

Danielle was induced on March 2. The next day, doctors performed a C-section due to fetal distress.

When doctors pulled the baby out, Kyle and Danielle got the surprise of a lifetime. It was a boy!

Kyle and Danielle instantly began planning ways to tell their family members, and caught their priceless reactions on video.


  • Brittany Watkins

    Same thing happened to my brother back in April 1983 doctors all said he was a girl my mom bought all pink girly things for him and when he was born…”It’s a Boy!” Good thing to otherwise me nor my sister would’ve been born It’s amazing how things work out lol

  • Holly

    Absolutely adorable story and cute baby and big sis. Was loving this until I got to those names. Peyton and Bentley? REALLY? Can’t people just name their children something normal anymore, what is with these made-up hipster names these people inflict on their children? If you like weird names, ferrgoshsakes, then just change your OWN name to Hunter or Cassidy or whatever name du jour everyone else is using, and stop affixing these horrid appellations on helpless children.

    • Julie

      “Bentley” is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Bentley is “bent grass meadow”.
      “Peyton” is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Peyton is: royal.
      The names might not be popular in the United States, but they certainly are NOT weird names.

      • lynn lockhart

        I had a great dog called RILEY….from “the life of Riley ” …great name for a dog…same as the other 2.

    • Brian Odom

      Peyton, Bentley, and Riley are normal for this generation. To name a kid Jennifer today would be “weird”. If you name her Gloria, Karen, or even Holly, I guarantee you she’d be the only one in the class with that name.

    • Stefani

      If everyone had simple, classic names. This world would be boring. My kids names are pretty simple. My sons name is Charles. Probably one of the oldest names in the English language. But that is because I like simple names. But that is how the world changes and I think it is great! People are who they are and they name their kids what they want because that’s who they are. Everyone is different and that is what makes it so great!

  • Concerned Adult

    But do you really want to be that baby boy the rest of your life? With all of this public on the Internet?

  • Sue

    Charlee (Charley) would have still been a good name and maybe less confusing for the little sister. Best of luck to hte family

    • nickth

      Or if the parents wanted a girl, they could make it happen now before he ever realizes it :) (I’m jk)

  • Mellisa

    Y’all need to quit doggin these people for naming their kid what THEY want to name it. If y’all don’t like those names, don’t name your kids that! You guys aren’t even focused on the story!

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