Body cam video released of man allegedly attacking Utah officer in traffic stop

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David Bassett-Serrano

HIGHLAND, Utah - Authorities have released the body cam video after police say a man attacked an officer during a traffic stop.

A Lone Peak officer stopped a car near 5400 W. Timpanogos Highway Saturday night.

Officials said they discovered the two people in the car had past drug "involvement" so police had a K9 search the car.

The K9 alerted officers to a possible controlled substance in the vehicle.

Authorities said they asked the passenger to get out of the car.

An officer said that is when one of the suspects lunged at him.

In the video the suspect, 20-year-old David Bassett-Serrano, can be heard saying he didn't give consent for officers to search the car.

Then the video goes dark and a struggle can be heard.

Authorities said other officers were able to pull Bassett-Serrano off of the officer.

Bassett-Serrano was then booked into the Utah County Jail on multiple counts including assaulting an officer and interfering with an arresting officer.


  • boom

    sorry bud, if you have former drug charges that counts as probable cause. assaulting the cops doesnt help your cause either. atleast they didnt shoot this idiot

    • JackRyan

      Sorry Boom, but previous arrests or convictions are not probable cause. The dog hitting on the car however, is a different story.

      • bob

        Me too. And that’s the classic trap: Decent people have no sympathy at all for apes like like this guy, and it’s SO easy to lose sight of the fact that if he doesn’t have Constitutional rights then neither do we.

        The day will come when routine searches of cars and HOMES, without warrants, will be facts of life for ALL of us. There is no way to legally justify our “rights” if we accept that people we don’t like have no rights. That’s not how things work.

        Government TAKES rights. It never gives them. It costs blood to establish and secure our rights, and when we realize what we’ve foolishly given away it will take blood to get them back.

  • Nick

    Why don’t the police just leave people alone already? Was he hurting anyone before the police started to harass him? This constant oppression of wondering around harassing, detaining and searching people has to stop. The police are the terrorists, paid with your money to steal your money. Good ole fashion road pirates. Has anyone else noticed that fire fighters and EMTs sit and wait until they are called, the police should do that. Perhaps than they could actually get to where they were called on time. Not delayed because they’re trolling for revenue for “speeding” and trying to agitate the general population. Strong communities make the police obsolete. Ⓐ


      What rock did you crawl out from under NICK? Your mother may let you get away with throwing temper tantrums but there are consequences associated with putting your hands on a police officer. The puke in this story NICK is the one who went to jail.

      • bob

        What are the consequences for illegal search and seizure, “citizen”?

        If they can do it to a scumbag they can (and will, eventually) do it to YOU. By then it will be too late.


        BOB – You can rest assured that the police were trained in constitutional law, including searches, when they went through P.O.S.T. If you think they got it wrong you might want to notify the Lone Peak Internal Affairs Unit and educate them on the law.

      • rockitryan

        AnotherNob…it seems the police put their hands on this kid first. What right did the police officer have in putting his hands on him?? If the roles were reversed and the kid put his hands on the officer first he would have been shot. It’s clear the officer put his hands on this kid to push him towards the back of the car. Ridiculous!!

  • bob

    No consent. No warrant. No probable cause.

    Illegal search. Period.

    Drug-addled idiots will not be the downfall of this country. Dirty pigs won’t be the downfall of this country. CITIZENS who don’t care about dirty pigs as long as they’re illegally harassing “druggies” WILL be the downfall of this country.

    An idiot’s rights and YOUR rights are the same. You cannot separate them.

  • bob

    Priors do not constitute “probable cause.” What law school did you flunk out of? You must have taken Constitutional Law from Professor Obama.

  • therealrickjames

    First of all, the police do have consent to search if a K9 smells drugs or the officer sees paraphernalia. Also, if you put your hands on a police officer, you’re going to jail.

    Secondly, you have to own the vehicle or property to be able to protest a search.

    Lastly, whether a convicted felon or not; everyone has the same rights.

  • Steve

    Looks like the officer assaulted him to me. The officer has no right to put his hands on him like that when he complying with his request. Seems like the officer resorted to physical violence when it was unnecessary.


      Police have every right to detain a suspect prior to arresting him, and you’re sorely mistaken if you think the police can’t put their hands on you in conjunction with that detention.


      Taking people like yourself to jail LONZ is like rabbit hunting. They get paid for having a little fun at your expense.

  • matt

    These officers should be convicted of assault and then immediately executed upon being found guilty. The judicial apparatus of America is tainted beyond our wildest dreams. It requires a noisy audit by an articulate H.L. Mencken-style protégé so any brains that are left is this half-assed country can organize an upraising.

  • matt

    These officers should be convicted of assault and then immediately executed upon being found guilty. The judicial apparatus of America is tainted beyond our wildest dreams.


      The fact that you have to repeat yourself is evidence of your mental achievements. Your mommy let you get away with misbehaving and now you expect the same treatment from the police.

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