Bake sale at Utah high school demonstrates gender wage gap

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SANDY, Utah - The battle to close the gender wage gap is a problem across the nation.

According to the 2010 US Census, Utah ranks fourth for the largest pay discrepancy between men and women, with women getting the short end.

On Tuesday, local high school students worked to raise awareness of the issue, through a bake sale.

Kari Schott, president of Jordan High School's Young Democrats Club, has yet to enter the workforce. But already she's working to raise awareness of the pay gap between men and women.

“It's not fair that just because I was born a woman I only get paid 77 cents,” Schott said. “This is an issue and I thought might as well start raising awareness starting young.”

On Tuesday her club sold cookies, with one catch.

“For every dollar a man makes a woman makes only 77 cents so we're having the cookies be a dollar for a man and only 77 cents for a woman,” Schott said.

Students bought the sweets to show their support.

“I hope to see that everybody gets paid the same like even men, women, different races -- that we all get paid the same and equal because we're all humans,” said Alex Call a junior at Jordan High School.

But some debated the statistics.

“I think they have a good cause and I like that they're motivated by what they believe in but I'm not entirely sure that they understand the statistics that they're throwing around,” said Jake Canaphus, a junior at Jordan High School.

Some students argue it doesn't make sense to fight wage discrimination with price discrimination but those manning the booth say this is getting their point across.

“It was definitely scary to do to be in front of my fellow students especially when there were people coming around telling me that I'm stupid saying they're bad ideas. It’s scary but I'm proud as a club we are doing this,” Schott said.

“The students are bringing issues of awareness in the school to issues that affect our society as a whole that some kids most of the kids in our school aren't aware of -- it's great some proactive students are bringing it to their attention,” said Tom Sherwood, Principal at Jordan High School.


  • Pauly

    What a pack of idiots. Women in the State Department and the White House get paid less than the men do and those are both run and staffed by Democrats.

    • Allie

      Thanks you. They make our school seem like a bunch of stupid children that don’t what they’re talking about. Facts based off 2010 statistics as well as denial about their leaders doing the very thing they’re protesting.

      • Jeff

        This has been mostly disproven time and time again. Those numbers in the 2010 census report look at the overal wages, not calculating the same jobs done or even the same industries. It’s like looking at a hospital staff’s wages and complaining that men make more than women, not putting into account that the doctors are mostly men and the nurse staff are mostly women. Doctors make more than nurses, so you have to compare nurses with other nurses and doctors with other doctors. The census report does not accurately describe wages, it just paints a very broad picture of the workforce.

        The women on my staff make more than most of the men because they have proven to me that they are more reliable and perform better at their jobs (this is for Customer Support.) Wage is based on experience, performance, and your ability to negotiate.

  • dapandico

    Keeping the myth alive. Kari should do research on what Hillary paid her female staffers. It 73 cents on the dollar.

  • CC

    As a general rule, women earn less not because of discrimination but because they make different choices in life.

    Jake Canaphus is correct. Studies show that when men and women have similar education, training, experience, seniority, competence, etc, the wage gap tends to disappear. Warren Farrell writes about this topic at length in his book “Why Men Earn More”. For example, Farrell’s research shows that one reason men earn more is that they simply work more hours and more overtime! Men are also more likely to work in dangerous jobs that earn more (e.g., welding), more likely to work on commission (e.g., sales), or work in highly technical fields (e.g., engineering, computer programming). Women, in contrast, prefer jobs with lots of time off (e.g., elementary school teachers), and helping jobs that pay less but allow more meaningful human contact (e.g., counseling).

    • laytonian

      No. Women earn less IN THE SAME JOB with the same education and experience. It has nothing to do with “choices” unless you mean that you men can easily walk away from the family, forcing the woman to “choose” to take more time off to care for the children.

      • Brian Bowles

        There is no eveidence to support your assertion Laytonian. I get the impression you misinfrmed about what the gender wage gap is and where it comes from. Having knowledge on the topic, i am confident you woull not be able to produce anything to support that women earn less than men for doing the same job.

  • laytonian

    Actually…..the women should have been charged MORE since that’s what happens when they earn less money.

  • Bob

    As the male breadwinner of the household I earn more then my wife could make, and if she does the shopping she would spend less then what I would spend. Basically you’re reinforcing the stereotype that men should work and women should shop. Good job.

  • Brian Bowles

    This year, organizations like the NCPE and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) claim, that on average, women earned 22% less than men in 2013. The AAUW reports that the gender wage gap (GWG) ranged from 9% in Washington D.C. to 34% in Louisiana, with 22 states at or below the median 22%. This GWG is derived from Table 1 on page 6 of the Census Bureau’s annual report, “Income and Poverty in the United States”. Under the heading, “Earnings of full-time, year-round workers”, we find that in 2013 (the latest year reported), the median earnings listed for men and women were $50,033 and $39,157 respectively. Using the equation to determine the GWG:

    ($50,033 – $39,157) ÷ $50,033 = 21.74%

    Note, between the two samples, there are only two common factors in arriving at the median figures: annual earnings and full-time status. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), full-time status is defined as, “persons who work 35 hours or more per week”. So to clarify, median annual earnings reported by the Census Bureau lump together all full-time workers from the high-school dropout teen working 35 hours per week at minimum wage in Louisiana to six-figure earners with MBAs working 60 hours per week in Washington D.C.

  • 8ch

    I worked for a guy who based what he paid his employee by what responsibilities he had at home. for instance, one guy made more because he had more kids to support than another guy doing the same job who didn’t have a family. Another guy made less than his co-worker because his wife had a full time job and provided half the family income. The owner pretty much admitted it to me when I asked him – I was helping with payroll. I as a female took over the job duties for one guy when he left the company and was paid 60% of the man’s salary, but I had been promised a bonus at end of year to make up the difference. Did it happen? – no. Do any of us still work there? – no.
    We all have choices and if we choose to stay in the bad spot and be a victim nothing will change. That employer has been forced to start over and either find new dummy’s or offer better salaries. It always works itself out.

  • bob

    The most debunked myth EVER.

    Think about it logically, kids, and stop soaking up the liberal indoctrination. If men actually cost 23% more to do the same job, NOBODY WOULD HIRE MEN. EVER.

    Women get paid the SAME when they do the same jobs. Women in general get paid 77 cents to a man’s dollar because of the jobs women choose.

    If you want that dollar, do a dollar job. Don’t settle for a 77 cent job.

  • M

    Having hired many men and women over the years I can honestly say that the benefit always went to the women. In today’s society we are pressured to try to hire as many women who are able to perform the job as possible. If two candidates are equally educated, equally experienced, you hire the woman to avoid looking like you are discriminating… actually the woman can be slightly less qualified and still wins out. The wage was the same if they were equally qualified.

    The problem in the wage inequality came when hired and the male counterpart had 20 years of experience, and the woman had 5 yet felt she was worth the same. Had the roles been reversed the male would have made less because of his experience level. In most areas of the country the days of paying women less just because of gender is long gone. This has become a political chit to be thrown around to garner support for your party – research the facts and weigh in all the factors.

  • M

    While we’re at it can we get rid of all other gender inequalities?
    No more “Girls Night” at bars, clubs, and dances
    No more “girls ski free” days at the resorts
    How about all dating must go “dutch”… by paying the male is surely showing you’re not equal
    “Deer Widow’s” weekend at the Casinos has got to go
    Title 9 in sports… if the sport can’t draw enough attendance to support it, it’s got to go…
    There are a lot of female specific scholarships available, as are there for race specific, But I don’t know of any for White Males only. Let’s get rid of those – or make them open to all.
    Women’s workout classes at the gym? women can attend all classes, men however, cannot.

    I’m sure there are lot’s of others… where’s the outrage!!!

    • Brian

      Excellent way to show what problem? The problem that the aggregate of all women working full time earn a median income that is less than the median income all men working full time? Understanding that full time is defined as anything above 35 hours, of course.

      What can Capitol Hill do about moving closer to “equality” when comparing a minimum-wage earning high-school drop out teen working 35 hours/wk to a six-figure earner with a MBA working 50-plus hours/wk?

  • Ken

    How many times does this MYTH has to be shown to be just that…a myth? (Unless you consider the White House where there IS a gender pay gap) Independent Women’s Forum for one has shown that this is a myth several times over. Those that keep trying to peddle this story do not take into account the length of time on the job, the number of hours worked and other actors. A construction worker working on the 60th floor on a six inch steel beam will get more than a construction worker working on the ground directing traffic. There are laws to give equal pay for equal WORK so the next time a woman ask a man to do the heavy lifting or a more dangerous job that her job states she should be able to do….that is NOT equal work. One last thing, it has been shown that new female college grads are getting more than recent male grads. I do not see any complaints about that

  • Ken

    We cannot blame these students for this, they learned it from their liberal teachers. probably the same ones that keep asking for more money since their students are not learning even though all the money in the world would not help those who do not know how to teach. Private schools (i.e. Christian schools) do a lot better job at teaching on far less money,

    • Larry

      My son goes to a Christian school and the public school he came from out performs it. You are just spouting whatever pope into your head.

  • Ken

    1: I would not buy anything from this bake sale even if I had not eatten for a couple of days. 2: These girls should never expect a boy to pay for everything when they go out on a date and they should protest about any special discounts for women at any business.


    There are different minimum physical requirements for FBI applicants at Quantico. When women want to be treated like men they need to start acting like men. Meantime some men are real unhappy because Mother Nature doesn’t treat them fair and won’t let them conceive children.

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